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Call the police and have the person arrested for committing trespass and peace disturbance. This action is only possible if the individual the agent is seeking no longer has mail delivered to the address, possessions stored at the address, name on a rental agreement and so on.

2006-08-26 20:20:51
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What can I do to avoid repossession of my property?

Whether the property at risk is a car or your house, you can take steps to prevent repossession even if you are late with payments. Nearly all lenders and creditors will be happy to work with you as long as you don't wait till you are hopelessly behind. Contact them first; a bakruptcy should be your last option.

Can Repo Investigator Charge me with Felony in Ohio for not finding my vehicle?

As a repossession investigator and agent liason, I can tell you that yes, in fact, I know of several instances of felony charges being filed against an individual for hindering repossession of a vehicle. Your lawyer's response may have been motivated more by the fact that he felt confident that he could successfully prevent prosecution, but nothing will prevent the vehicle from being repossessed aside from the destruction of the vehicle. In the event the possessor of a vehicle under repossession were to destroy a vehicle to prevent that repossession, he could then be charged with malicious destruction of private property and hindering a lender.

Can you prevent a car repossession?

Yes. All you have to do is pay your bills.

Can police help the repossession men take your car in Michigan?

Possibly, but they can certainly prevent you from interfering, as it is no longer your car, hence the repossession.

What is the process of repossession?

Repossession is an option that some lenders use to help pay against a bad debt. The debt or loan must have been secured by property. That property will in most cases have a lien placed against it to prevent unlawful sale and fraud against the lender. When the vehicle is repossessed, it is sold at auction and the proceeds are applied to the debt to help offset it or pay a portion of it.

How can you prevent the repossession of a car?

The best way to prevent the repossession of a car is to pay your monthly note on time. If you are unable to make your payments as scheduled, you should contact the lean holder and make other arrangements. If you at least make some payment, many lenders are willing to work with you.

Will improved building codes prevent property loss during a tornado?

They cannot prevent property loss but they might be able to reduce it.

Can you be arrested for repossession of a car?

Repossession of a carDo you mean, "can you be arrested for not allowing repossession of a car?" If so, then yes, you can.If you meant 'can you be arrested for repossessing a car?" you can't as long as you have a permit/license to do so and conduct yourself in a lawful manner duriong the actual repossession.Added; In potentially violent situations, repossessors will sometimes call law enforcement and ask them to 'stand by' while they take the vehicle, but only to prevent a breach of the peace. Law enforcment will play no part in assisting in the actual repossession of the vehicle, inasmuch as repossession is done under a civil court order, and is not a criminal matter

How do you use property in a sentence?

Satellite TV systems use encryption to prevent theft of their intellectual property.

How do you prevent someone from using your home address?

Don't tell anybody about your home address

What order can you register on a property to prevent it from being sold?

A lien.

How do you prevent someone from placing a lien on property?

If someone obtained a judgment lien against you for an unpaid debt, the only way to prevent it from being recorded against your property is to pay it in full.

Can one heir force the sale of property?

They can insist that the property be sold. But that would not prevent others from buying it from the estate.

Can you register a car that is repossessed?

In some states, most that is at this point. However, most states are also passing or reviewing legislation that would prevent the registration of a vehicle up for repossession, and in some states such as Florida, the registration of any vehicle to a person who has a vehicle up for repossession.

If you live in North Carolina and a credit card debt judgment was issued how can they collect from you?

The state does not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt. The judgment can be executed as a bank account levy (including joint accounts), seizure and sale of non-exempt property belonging to the debtor, liens against real property. N.C. as most states has 'loophole' laws that can prevent the forced sale of a primary residence if the homestead exemption is not sufficient to protect the property.

How can you prevent forests from being destroyed?

There are non-profit conservation organizations that buy property, just to prevent developers from buying it.

Can a person build a dam on his property to prevent water from draining on to his property from another person property?

if the dam wall is on his land then they should be allowed to because noneof his property is on the other persons land

Will a recent address change prevent you from getting a credit card?


Why are screws put into keyholes of foreclosed homes?

To prevent keys from working. It is done in some cases to prevent the owners from vandalizing the property.

Why is it important to know about the causes of fire and how to prevent fires?

It is important to know about the causes of fires and how to prevent fires so you can prevent the death, injuries, and property loss that results form fire.

Will filing of a chapter 13 bankruptcy prevent Auto car repossession in new york state?

Yes, at least for a short time. But you will have to pay what you missed and borrowed in order to keep it.

How will one be able to stop the repossession of a vehicle?

Sometimes one can negotiate with the company holding title to the automobile and work out a payment schedule to pay back the amount in arrears, but some companies will not negotiate at all. The easiest way to prevent a vehicle repossession is to ensure that all payments are made according to the payment terms.

Do you have the right to prevent people from parking in your yard?

Yes, as long as it is actually your property you have the right to.

Is chemical property involved when iron is coated with zinc to prevent if from rusting?

It is a chemical process.

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