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To prevent jelousy you can make yourself as good as the person your jelous of.

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How do you use the word jealously in a sentence?

My doctor safeguards her good reputation jealously.

Is jealously an abstract noun?

No. Jealously is an adjective. Jealousy is an abstract noun.

What rhymes with jealously?


What is a simile for jealously?


What is another word for jealously?


What are the release dates for Most Evil - 2006 Jealously?

Most Evil - 2006 Jealously was released on: USA: 15 February 2008

What are some of the causes the war happened?


What is a nine letter word for enviously?


Why do Iranians put eggs under a new car tires?

It goes back to the 'evil eye' or subconscious jealously... A superstition to ward of bad thoughts of jealous ppl and prevent accidents or future bad luck.

Why did Selena fan killed her?

Jealously of her fame, fortune and greed

What universal conflict lies behind Grendels war with the Danes?


What is the color stands for jealously?

I'm not sure, but green is the colour of envy.

Why did Daniel Radcliffe knock Emma Watson off the stairs?


How does dancehall contributes to violence?

is this about jealously? dancing fiercely makes a voilence disaster!

What is a turbelant relationship?

Full of hate, jealously, misery, no trust, everything negative

What is the suffix of jealous?

You could add the suffix -ly to it to make the word jealously.

Is jealousy a human behavior?

Yes jealously is a very Normal human behavior.

Was Ciara ever a male?

No it isn't. It was just a rumor spreading around because of jealously!

What does the proverb envy has no holidays mean?

Jealously has no set schedule and can arise at any moment.

When is it called when a girl doesnt want her boyfriend to hug other girl?

Err jealously

How can you control your jealously when your boyfriend talks to a girl friend?

Go cheat on him with another guy.

What are words that describe the phantom of the opera?

beauty,depression,jealously, hideous, passion, betrayal.

What is the examples of adverb of manner?

The examples are: 1.seriously 2.patiently 3.jealously

What is the suffix for jealous?

You could add the suffix -ly to it to make the word jealously.

Why do most murders happen?

Murder happen due to revenge, jealously, or out of anger towards someone.

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