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How do you print from my iPad to hp3310?

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The Photosmart 3310 does not support AirPrint, the technology Apple uses to print wirelessly to home newtork printers. You will have to install the ePrint app on the iPad, and then use it to send the print job to the HP ePrint servers, which then send it to your printer. The 5510 is the first model in the Photosmart printers that support Airprint.

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no you can not print from your ipad but they might come up with an ipad that you can print stuff with

If You have a wireless printer, then the iPad can connect to it via Wi-Fi and print remotely.

One of the newest software updates for iPad includes air print.

You might be able to connect a cord from the ipad to the printer or email it to yourself and print it out on a computer.

You press a button and it will print it for you.

The iPad will print to a wireless printer (See links below) or via apps created by individual printer manufacturers which will usually print via printer connected to a computer on the same network as the iPad.

Any Airprint-compatible printer connected to the same wifi network as the iPad can print from the iPad with any app that has printing support.

iPads can print to all AirPrint enabled printers.

first you need a printer with air print. Then some apps allows you to print.

if you have a printer that can print things wirelessly sure

iPad 2 works with AirPrint printers. These are printers built for your iPad and iPhone but they can print also any other document from any other computer. These printers are all wireless! You can't print directly from an iPad using a cable.

yes using air print. air print is software in ios 4.2 and it allows you to print over wifi but it has be be turned on your print (the wifi)

With via wifi to your computer

It can if it is wirlessly hooked up to a printer

yes search printer on the app store

You need a network-connected printer with AirPrint compatibility in order to print directly from an iPad. Currently many printers from HP, Epson, Brother, Canon and Lexmark have AirPrint compatibility.

Because in November, Apple has an update for the iPad that will allow the user to Wirelessly print using bluetooth technology.

To print an iWork document from the iPad you could either connect to a wireless printer, or any printer accessible from your wireless network, or export your document as a PDF file and print that from a Windows PC.

An iPad 3G can print wirelessly if you have an AirPrint printer on your network. Select "Settings" and "Wi-Fi" on your iPad screen. Verify that you are on the correct network. Navigate to the item you want to print, and click the icon located on the upper corner. Select "Print" from the menu. Use the "+" or "-" to select the number of copies. Tap "Printer", select the appropriate printer and "Print" to begin printing.

The iPad is designed to work with the latest wireless printers (See links below). There is a AirPrint Hacktivator which will turn on the AirPrint features to let you print to a printer connected to a computer on the same network as the iPad. Printer companies are producing their own apps to support their own printers.

you need an app, or you can Email it, but you need iWork 09' to Email it.

yes,I can. I have a software called Xilisoft iPad Magic.I use it to manage my ipad2. Convenient and amazing, Xilisoft iPad Magic 4 is an all-in-one iPad solutions provider which helps you to manage your iPad in full-scale

Most network printers have a low-power standby mode which they use when waiting to receive print jobs. The iPad will only let you print to an active printer that it sees on the network, so if you see your printer's model, it is powered on and will wake to print the document.

If you have a wireless printer that works from a Wi-Fi router then yes; you can :')dd

No. But there are apps that will try to scam you into thinking there is. There isn't.

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