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How do you proceed to get a new law passed in Australia?

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Can a new zealand lawyer act in the northern territory of Australia?

no they have to have passed the bar in Australia

How do you start lobbying for a new law to be passed?

There are a few ways that you can start lobbying for a new law to be passed. You can gather a group of people to help you to start.

What can happen to a law that is passed by Congress and signed by the president?

A law can be modified or even rescinded by passing a new law in the same way the first was passed.

What happens to people when they disagree with a new law that was passed?

they get arrested if they break it, it is the law!!!!!!!

Was new mariquana law passed tonight in California?

no it did not pass.

Who can make a new common law rule in australia?

Common laws can only be made by the federal government. Only if the legal legislation is passed by both upper and lowers houses and by the senate.

Was a new fugitive slave law passed in the Compromise of 1850?

Yes ! (:

When does a new law go into efffect?

Statutes are usually passed and signed into law with an effective date written into them.

If a law is quoted in a contract and then a new law is passed what law is applicable?

The contract will say which law is in effect but cannot be canged after it has been signed so will be the law that was there when it was signed.

When was the law passed to stop segregation?

In 1964 Congress passed a new Civil Rights Act, designed to prohibit segregation.

What law was passed As a part of the Compromise of 1850?

A new fugitive slave act

What new law was passed after the stamp act was repealed?

sugar act 1754..

What was a result of the new immigration law passed in 1924?

Immigration was determined by quotas.

What was the result of the new immigration law passed in 1924?

Immigration was determined by quotas.

When was the first accountancy law passed?

In 1896 New York State passed the first accountancy law, which required testing the qualifications of those who wished to practice as public accountants.

What was the result of the 1712 New York salve revolt?

a new law was passed to discourage the freeing of slaves.

Which are auxiliary verbs in the sentence a new law must be passed before tomorrow?

must and be

What is the curfew law in West Virginia?

A new law was passed in the summer of 2009 and now the new curfew is 10:00 p.m. for kids under the age of 18.

Which state first passed a law certifying public accountants?

In 1896, with the support of several accounting organizations, the state of New York passed a law restricting the title certified public accountant (CPA)

How can you use the word Congress in a sentence?

Congress has passed a new law making purple hats illegal.Example sentence: Congress has passed a law saying that driving under the age of 15 is illegal.

Is the government required to tell the American people when a new law is passed?

Yes, it is in the first amendment the freedom of press, which means to tell people about the news. So the answer to your question would be yes, because in America since it is a democratic republic, government has to tell people when a new law is passed. Also when people break that law, how are they to know that that was a law?

Who wrote and eventually had passed the law that abolished slavery in New York State?


Who made the first law in the Australian colony?

The first law was made by Fredric peterson. The great colonist that made many laws for new countries australia was his third country that he made a law in. He died in 1897 and he was proud of Australia as a nation.

What did vieterans do about the discrimination?

In 1974(?) a new Federal Law was passed "prohibiting discrimination against Vietnam Veterans."

The North gave up its demand for an end to slavery in all the territories Congress passed a new?