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Go to your is a dealer programable option along with follow me home lights, day time running lights and unlock door sequence


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how to program remote for mini cooper

You can only get this feature if you get the comfort access system that the new 07's have.

You have to have it done at the dealership.

The average length of a Mini Cooper is 151 inches. The Mini Cooper S is slightly longer than the standard Mini Cooper.

A Mini Cooper is a small car developed by BMW by John Cooper.

the mini came out in 1959 the mini cooper came out in 1961 with Austin seven cooper and the Morris mini cooper

Because of its British "mini" car size.

The Austin Mini Cooper and Morris Mini Cooper debuted in 1961. A more powerful Mini Cooper, dubbed the "S", was developed in tandem and released in 1963. The first mini was made in 1959

no mini cooper is a british car

A Mini Cooper is 1.8 metres tall exactly

How to change a radiator in a 2008 mini cooper

I will assume you mean "Does a Mini Cooper have a battery?" Yes, they do.

There wasn't a Mini Cooper until 1961.

Transit Van and a Mini Cooper Transit Van and a Mini Cooper Transit Van and a Mini Cooper smart

The MINI Cooper Clubman length is 155 inches, or 3.937 meters. The MINI Cooper Clubman S is 155.8 inches, or 3.958 meters according to the 2009 MINI Cooper Clubman manual.

Mini Cooper sales data is hard to find. The state with the cheapest price for Mini Cooper sales is Florida while the city with the greatest density of Mini Cooper dealerships is Chicago.

You can buy the Mini cooper 2003 dashboard screw online at

It depends... If it is a Mini Cooper S (supercharger) it can go up to 135 k/hr. If it is a plain Mini Cooper it goes up to 100 k/hr. Or if it is a BMW Mini Cooper s it will do 245KM/h secondly Mini Cooper S doesnt have a supercharger it has a turbocahrger and the s stands for sport A 1000cc mini from 1984 will do 135kmh and a mini cooper should do nearly 160KM/h

Someone can purchase a Mini Cooper at a BMW dealer.

The 2003 MINI Cooper has 16 valves.

The 2010 MINI Cooper has 16 valves.

The 2013 MINI Cooper has 16 valves.

The 2011 MINI Cooper has 16 valves.

The 2008 MINI Cooper has 16 valves.

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