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How do you program an '00 Dodge Dakota remote?

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This information can be found in your owner's manual. If you do not have one then get one. Sources are, Dealer, Salvage Yard, E-Bay, and a Google Search. Type in "auto owner's manuals" and you will get several sites that sell them.

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How reset fuel switch Dakota 00?

Dodge doesn't use reset/inertia switches.

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How do you program the remote to an 01 LS?

Unfortunately it can't be done, the 00-02 requires special equipment, The Lincoln dealership usually (NOT ALWAYS) does it for free, a lock-smith will charge.

Can you install a 3.9 from a 99 Dakota into your 00 Dakota that had a 4.7?

If you do you will have to change the trans, wiring, and computer to the 3.9L style.

Will a 2002 dodge ram CD player fit a 1995 dodge Dakota?

Sorry, they changed the face in 99 or 2000. Look at the corners your 02 & they will be rounded the pre 00 radios have square corners. Have seen both style of radios in 2000. Dodge cars use the same radios just look at the corners

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How do you line up the timing marks on a 1970 dodge dart 318 eng?

the cam gear slot is set at 6:00 and the crank gear slot is at 12:00.

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What are the set points for the timing belt on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

On a dual overhead cam: the marks will align at 3:00 on the left cam to 9:00 on the right cam. The lower crankshaft gear will line up at 12:00 with the arrow on the engine corresponding to the arrow on the crank.

How do you remove the governor on a 00 alero?

There is no way to remove the governor on a 00 Alero. One can only program its software with the use of a power programmer to be able to change the speed limiter.?æ?æ

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