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I'm not understaning the question. are you talking the sterio receiver or tv receiver? if it is the tv, then you would have to do a "scan channels" as some tv call it. other tv's say "add channels" either or. and some will say something along those lines. but if you have a black out it most likely will lose the channels on some tv's. i have 5 tv's and 2 have to be "reprogrammed" after a power out. Another bit on info. The TV will scan and save to memory what it sees. If the TV is turned off by way of a cable box which might actually be causing the power to be cut off, rather than shut off properly, a part called an EPROM that stores data can become corrupted.. Avoid this problem by turning the TV off by it's own power button. IF this is the answer that helps. A cable box has an outlet on the back for the TV, and that outlet can be taught to stay on wheh the box is turned off, avoiding the trouble causing agent. Then simply reprogram the scan memoy again.

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Q: How do you program and permanently save TV channels without losing them when the receiver is restarted?
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