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How do you program keyless entry?


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The factory master code cannot be reprogrammed...however you can program a personal code that is easier to remember. on my 2003 this is the procedure: 1. enter the 5 digit master code. 2. press 1/2 3. enter your own 5 digit code. 4. lock the vehicle. 5. test your new code. I removed the master code from my vehicle so that it can't be copied by the guy at the local car wash or local garage.


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Yes, it does. You can buy keyless entry online (may or may not come with instructions) or buy one from the dealership and they will program it to your car on the spot.

If the keyless entry was install from the factory you will have to take it back to the dealer and let them do it for you. If it is aftermarket follow the instruction from the manufacturer.

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This model never offered keyless entry. It can be made to have keyless entry with after market products.

Go to and scroll down to Wireless Keyless Entry Systems instructions. Hope that helps.

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