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How do you program the garage door opener on a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus located on the sun visor?


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Chrysler has a 800 number that you can call. They will walk you through it step buy step. It is good to be sitting in front of garage when you call. Dealership has the 800 number.

I just programed my 97 cirrus visor and i used the following instructions from a dealer mechanic and it worked

1. start car

2. Hold the first and third button down until light starts blinking rapidly ( takes a little while- this clears out all the buttons from previous programming)

3. Get your garage door opener remote and hold down the button that opens your garage door. Press and hold the first button on your visor until the light starts blinking rapidly. this will signal that it has been programmed. You must hold both buttons down until the light on your visor starts blinking rapidly. It worked for my car!!! good luck!


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