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How do you project how much your business will make in the first year?

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Many different ways, no single method. It is an art, not a science. Examples: A small business: might estimate sales for all major events during the year (e.g. spring-break, easter, Thanksgiving, x-mas) and add them up may look at recent weekly sales and simply project weekly sales x 52 may look at new customers it can acquire and how much business each customer would generate may ask around to similar business owners what they made A big corporation: usually polls all their Sales VPs for next quarter sales estimate, who then poll their subordinate, who then ask each individual sales rep for how much they think they will be selling next quarter. It's an interesting negotiation process. Ultimately, one has to look at specifically the type of business, business cycle, and customer buying patterns to arrive at an estimate.

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How much can a small business president make?

A small business president can make as much as the business owner wants them to make. If the business is small then they may not make a lot of money.

What do a future restaurant owner have to do to get started?

first make a business as much money as you can.descide whether you want to franchise or have your own business.

How much money can you make with an associate's degree in general business?

how much money can you make with a assosiate degree in business adminstratio

How much revenue does a startup general residential contracting business make in the first year assuming that the business starts with no customers?

A start up contracting business can still make over six figures. This is a high ticket business with potential for a lot of profit.

How much money do you make with a degree in business administration?

business administrations make about 10,000 a year

How much does a business make?

The amount of capital that a business can make ranges from filing bankruptcy to buying a presidency.

How much money does the mini storage business make annually?

how much to start mini storage business

How much does a senior project manager make?

A good project manger in the Information Technology sector will make in the $150,000 range +/-. In a competitive market a Senior Project Manager can go as high as $180,000.

'how much money do Project managers make'?

The average amount a project manager gets payed is about £40k a year

How much does a business consultant make?


How much does a constuction business make a month?

a lot

How much money does maher zain make?

Its not your business.

What does conclusion in a science fair project mean?

this is my first project, and i don't know much about it. i want to know what conclusion means. what does it means?

What are three essential functions of a business plan?

to make the aim of your business show the predicted expenditure of your display how much profit you are intending to make.

How much does a Lowe's project specialist s exteriors make?

the pay scale is based off you're years in the Home Improvement Business .the average Salary is between $15.50 to $18.60 per Hr

How much does the syndicate project make on youtube?

In 2011 he made around $226,000

How much do gun shops make?

Impossible to answer. Some make a few dollars and stay in business, others make multiple thousands and go out of business.

How much do business and marketing majors make?

I make around $65,000 a year

How much does a union business agent make?

Too much, what a bunch clowns...

How much does a business license in North Carolina cost?

Business license in North Carolina vary in rates. The type of business and how much money you expect to make determines the cost of your business license.

How much does a Junior Business Analyst make in Tampa fl?

Junior business analyst can make as much as $55,000 starting out. The rate of pay is determined by the organization and the person's experience.

How much do they make in a month?

How much someone or a business makes in a month varies greatly with the type of business. A restaurant might make 40,000 dollars or more each month.

How do you write a business proposal for a medical business?

If you are writing a business proposal, you would follow the same general rules as for any business. You need to have your costs laid out and how much profit you intend to make your first year. You need to have a plan for marketing and how to grow your business. There are many examples online of good business plans.

How much does a project manager make a hour?

Project managers are very well compensated, especially if they possess the PMP certification. A PMP certified IT project manager has the highest average salary in the IT field, at $120k+. Junior level project managers will obviously not make as much, but you can get a general idea - it really depends upon the field, years of experience, and certifications.

How do Art teacher's use math?

when they figure how much money they make or how much paint or something to use for a project.