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Q: How do you pronounce Clwyd if you are first language Welsh speaking?
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Is there Welsh spoken in Argentina?

yes!. there are some areas where welsh settlers set up a township in the early 1800. they were Welsh speaking and since then families have maintained the language

How do you pronounce gwifr in Welsh?

It is pronounced as 'gwivir' in Welsh.

What language did owain glyndwr speak?

Owain Glyndwr's native language was Welsh, but as a member of the Welsh nobility he had been well-educated and was multi-lingual, also speaking English, French and Latin.

Why do people call wales 'Welsh wales'?

This generally means "Welsh-speaking Wales" -- a reference to those areas of the country where the Welsh language is commonly spoken, although sometimes people say "Welsh Wales" when they simply mean those parts of the country which look and feel "very Welsh".It's a translation of the Welsh phrase Cymru Cymraeg. But note that Welsh has two words for "Welsh".Cymraeg means Welsh by language (Welsh-speaking, written in Welsh, etc.).Cymreig means Welsh by nature (Welsh-born or descended, made in Wales, etc.)Thus:-- llyfr Cymraeg : a Welsh book (i.e. a book in Welsh)-- caws Cymreig : Welsh cheese (because cheese cannot speak any language!)

If a welsh mans name was pronounce sounds something like this Clint hackin how would it be spelled in welsh?

Not all names used in the English-speaking world have Welsh forms. 'Clint' sounds more American than Welsh and Hacken is an English surname from Derbyshire and Nottingham.

How do you pronounce white in Welsh?


How do you pronounce little in Welsh?


How do you pronounce dragon in Welsh?


How do you pronounce cat in welsh?


How do you pronounce cymru in welsh?


What is welsh in welsh?

The Welsh people Cymry; the language is Cymraeg; the adj. is Cymreig.

Welsh language is also called what?

Cymraeg is the Welsh name for the language.

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