How do you pronounce Dochartaigh?

d as 'th' in 'then'; o as in 'hot'; ch as in 'Loch Ness'; the a is indistict; the t is more emphatic than English t, sometimes spelled 'th' phonetically; -aigh at the end of surnames is usually 'ee'. dhokhurtee. There are very many variants of the original Irish name: Ó Dochartaigh which originated in Donegal. More than 100 spelling variations have been found. Common variants include:
* Doherty * Docherty * Dougherty * Daugherty As people have moved around the planet, they have changed the pronunciation and the spelling of the name, often reflecting the pronunciation of the areas they have moved through. The person whose name it is will be the only one who can tell you how their version is pronounced.

The original pronunciation which is Ulster Irish Celtic [recte Gaelic], can be broken down as follows:
* D - d as usually sounded in English * o - as the o in the word clock * ch - as in the ch in "loch" or "chutzpah" Not a "K" sound; it is more soft, (technically called aspirated) * a - a as in car * r - is lightly rolled * t - as usual in English * ai - blur together the a as in cat and a very quick i as in "in" * gh - as a "yh"