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How do you pronounce the river Thames?

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Thames is pronounced as temms to rhyme with shems, unless you mean the one in Connecticut, which is pronounced Thames.

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How do you pronounce Thames River?

Thames is pronounced "Temms", River is just River!

How pronounce river thames?

Thames is pronounced 'temz'.

How do you pronounce river Thames?

The River Thames is pronounced "tems." It is the river that runs through London, England.

How do you spell thames river?

Thames River

Where does the River Thames begin?

The River Thames begins in Thames Head, Gloucestershire

What is the confluence of the river thames?

The River Thames has multiple confluences. One such is the confluence of the River Thames and the River Darent at Dartford.

Where in the world is the river Thames?

The river Thames is in England.

What river is the British capital situated on?

London is situated on the River Thames (pronounced 'temz'.

Why is the river thames called the river thames?

It is named Thames after its Roman name - Tamesis.

Facts and figures of the river thames?

the river is thames is the the longest river in london

Is the word Thames in Thames River a name?

It is the name of the river

What country is the Thames River in?

The Thames River is in the country of England.

Where do you find a delta on the River Thames?

The River Thames does not have a delta.

What are the waterfalls on the river Thames called?

There are no waterfalls on the river Thames.

What is the biggest waterfall on the river Thames?

There are no waterfalls on the River Thames.

Which is longer river thames or river Trent?

It’s the River Thames not the River Trent

Where does river Thames start and finish?

The River Thames has its source at the Thames Head in Gloucestershire, and ends at the Thames Estuary in Essex.

Who made the Thames?

The Thames was not made; it is a river. The Thames River runs through southern England.

Where is the scource of river thames?

Thames Head in Gloucestershire is traditionally identified as the source of the river Thames.

Is Thames an island?

Thames is a river.

What river does the river thames join into?

It doesn't. The river Thames flows into the North Sea.

Where is the river thames found?

The River Thames is found in London, England

Who found the river thames?

The River Thames has never been lost.

What river runs through London?

The River Thames.the thames =D

What did the Romans call the river thames?

What did the Romans call the river thames

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