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First, depending on exactly what sealer was used, it may not even take it off successfully. Perhaps a test is in order for you. Using muratic acid is not rocket science. Every mason uses it nearly daily, and it's more pure form is used in your pool. The key things to remember are safety glasses, proper ventilation, and "add acid to water". Read your acid documentation. Your application probably calls for 10% acid, which for me meant adding my gallon of acid to two gallons of water. I used a 2 gallon water can with a flower water sprinkler head on it. Pour it on small areas, say 3' by 3', and scrub the acid area with a plastic brush on a LONG handle. Do not bend over near the acid with a hand held brush, as there is no way to avoid breathing the vapors. For my floor, after a couple of minutes you could visually see that the acid was spent, as when you brushed it, no futher bubbling occurred. Flush well with water. The floor should feel like medium grit sandpaper if properly done. Some areas of my garage had some type of sealant. It was easy to tell when I had not gotten through it, as despite the acid wash, the concrete was still smooth. I reapplied the acid a couple of times and it worked eventually. I would recomend a mask with an organic vapor filter, but didn't use one personally. Either way get a couple of good fans for ventillation. More input from others: * I don't like the stuff, since I ahd a very unpleasant experience when using it. I know you have to be extremely careful how you dilute it, and what sort of container you use, etc. It has a lot of contaminates in it so you need to have adequate ventilation. Probably your best bet would be to call the manufacturers, if they have an info 800# most do. Or you can check out which has some really great info. on lots of "house stuff." * Muriatic Acid is also used to remove rust from steel ... and does a great job. But after the rust is gone it will continue to dissolve the basis steel, so be alert and when the rust is gone ... remove the article. Also, fumes from the acid, though you may not see at once.. will cause eventual surface rust to any steel parts in the close vacinity.

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Q: How do you properly and safely use muriatic acid to take a sealer off a concrete garage floor so you can apply Rustoleum paint on the floor?
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What product should be recommend for painting a garage floor?

rustoleum garage floor kit.

If muriatic acid seeped under a wall in a garage crawl space and the space was then sealed with Rustoleum paint could it be the source of a terrible odor on inside wall of the house and is it fixable?

Sounds like the muriatic acid didn't have the fresh air needed for it to evaporate. The papers I've read suggest neutralizing it (muriatic acid is a dilution of hydrochloric acid) with a baking soda mixture. Would it be possible to aerate the crawl space and add baking soda to the area?? Not sure if the rustoleum somewhat slowed down or delayed the evaporation by closing of one source of air.

Once winter is over what is the best way to clean a concrete garage floor with salt stains?

One of the best ways to clean salt stains off a garage floor is with muriatic acid. Use a light solution or follow the instruction on the bottle.

Cost of concrete garage?

The average cost of making a concrete garage depend greatly on the size of the garage, materials used, and whether you build it yourself or hire a contractor. The average cost to build a concrete garage ranges from around $13,000 for a very small garage to as much as $45,000 for a large, custom concrete garage.

What is likely to be an order of concrete carried by a truck to make a garage floor?

What is likely to be an order of concrete carried by a truck to make a garage floor

What ratio of ammonia do I use to neutralize muriatic acid on garage floor?

12 gallons of ammonia to 1 gallon of water

What product is recommended for renovating garage floors?

Fill creacks in cement/concrete with fillers. Paint floors with epoxy garage kits. Polish existing concrete to a shine. Use a concrete stain many colors to choose from.

How can you seal a concrete garage floor?

There are different ways to seal concrete. One way to seal concrete is to do it while the concrete is drying by applying a sealant with a paint roller. Another way is to use epoxy. Another great way is to use interlocking tile for the garage. Swisstrax has a good durable product that makes a garage looked. I would recommend the tile because it makes the garage look better and it is easy to

What are garage floors usually made of?

For the most part, garage floors are made of concrete, but there are garage floors customized to be made out of a special type of wood or tile for the flooring.

How do you fix cracks on a concrete garage floor?

So we have the same problem at our house! The crack is all the way through the garage. We are going to have to have them come in and raise part of the garage were it has sunk and then fill it in with concrete. As well you can also buy garage flooring and put that on top to make it look a lot nicer and cleaner. It is not to expensive if you get the right stuff.

Caring For Garage Floors?

Your cement or concrete garage floor needs to be maintained properly for it to look good and stay safe to walk on. Spills of paint, oil and other slippery substances should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Clay cat litter is a good material for soaking up spills. Once you sweep up the cat litter, spray the affected spot down with water and scrub it with a bristled brush. Only concrete cleaning solutions should be used. Pouring bleach, detergents or other chemicals onto garage floors can cause damage to the concrete. Weakened concrete is more likely to crack during the winter's cold temperatures or when you drive a heavy vehicle over the spot. If you are concerned about spills soaking into the concrete, try sealing the surface with an epoxy based coating or a concrete paint. Paint is easily to apply, but won't last as long as epoxy if you park in the garage.

Can you use muratic acid to remove paint from a garage floor?

Yes, you can but, remember that Muriatic Acid is another name for Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) and can really butcher the concrete to which it's applied. Also it takes quite a bit of scrubbing. Another factor to consider is what kind of paint ... if the stain is old fashioned oil based, the oil has carried the pigment quite deep into porous concrete and can be a real problem to get out.

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What can be done to a concrete that continues to dust away when it is broom swept?

You could consider sealing the concrete. If it is inside a garage, there are some epoxy floor coatings.

Strongest garage floor tiles.?

The strongest types of garage floor tiles woulld be those made of heavy concrete, Do your best to avoid any thing that is glazed.

What coating or matting is best for a cement garage floor?

A concrete garage floor needs only be poured on compacted soil. Consult a structural engineer for more information.

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What kind of paint do you use to paint an outdoor concrete statue?

Garage floor paint, with suitable primer.

Can a faulty car alternator effect the garage door opener working properly to the garage that the car is parked in?

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What product is needed in painting a garage floor?

You should first power wash it to remove all greasy deposits. Next paint it with Garage Floor Primer, then after a day, with Garage Floor Concrete paint. All of these products are available in Rona and Home Depot.

Add New Life to Concrete with Garage Floor Coatings?

Garage floor coatings are excellent ways to protect the concrete floor in a garage, a driveway, a concrete patio slab, or even a concrete floor in home. These garage floor coatings can be applied by professionals or the do-it-yourselfer. Today’s paints and epoxy products make it easy to apply the coatings and with few exceptions, they are a cost-efficient way to maintain or increase the value of a home. Water dripping on concrete constantly will eventually hurt the finish and oil stains are difficult to remove. Garage floor coatings make the surface impervious to all kinds of spills and make sweeping and scrubbing the floor much easier. Since garage floor coatings can be applied so easily, many people are using them to improve the look and longevity of their concrete flooring. Some people choose a solid color for their garage floor coatings, while others choose to create elaborate designs using stencils or free form painting designs for them. Ideas designing with garage floor coatings are easy to find in bricks and mortar stores and online. Since garage floor coatings are painted onto the surface, they can be easily changed immediately or down the road. Additives are available that will make the floor less slick when wet and help create additional texture on the concrete floor. The additives can be sand or other small, durable particles. The texture can also be part of the overall design, although adding texture to a floor that will not otherwise get wet may cut down on the durability of the finish as these particles could loosen over time, cracking the surface of the garage floor coatings. Undertaking a project using garage floor coatings is a fun and creative way to add value to a home or garage and choosing the direction of the project, whether it is a plain Jane coating or an elaborate floor mural will bring much texture and interest to an otherwise drab concrete surface.

How do you paint concrete floors and walls?

most Hardware stores have paints specifically for concrete floors and walls and these will work on garage floors also, but to apply the paint, a roller works good, or you can mask and spray it.

Are there environmentally friendly garage floor coatings?

This site has a 100% gurantee and offers free shipping.

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