How do you publish a book without agents?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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There are a number of different methods.

1) Just send the manuscript to a publisher.

This is much less effective than going via an agent, but not unprecedented (J K Rollowing for example was published this way, but it took her a lot of goes to find a publisher).

2) Self publish.

There are a number of different ways to self publish, generally it's much harder to get your book to a noticed by your would be readership, you also lose an editor, and no matter how good your writing is, it will always benefit from an editor.

3) Via the internet: Ebooks are becoming increasingly popular

4) Via Print on demand services: for example: cafepress and Lulu

5) Via Vanity publishing (also called shared cost publishing).

DO NOT DO THIS. EVER! It's the worst of everything above. It costs you a huge chunk of money which you are highly unlikely to re coupe, as you get no editor or distribution channel.

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Q: How do you publish a book without agents?
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