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i do not know go to a car stereo install ... store

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Q: How do you pull a wire from ignition switch to connect a off market stereo for a 2002 Chevy cavalier it does not have the ignition switch wire?
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Does the ACC wire connect to the ground wire?

No it doesn't. The acc wire on your stereo is for accessory from your ignition switch. That's so you can turn your car key back and run your stereo without turning on the engine.

Will a cdcassette stereo from a 2002 cavalier fit a 2003 cavalier?

should do

How do you wire 2005 dodge ram stereo with after market deck?

You have to buy the wiring harness for the new deck the connect the corresponding wires

What wire is needed to connect a laptop to stereo speakers?

A cable wire that looks like a Y is needed to connect a laptop to a stereo. This cable allows you to use the single output jack on the laptop to connect to the left and right inputs on the stereo.

How do you install an after market stereo in a 1989 Acura Legend?

How do you install an after market stereo in a 1989 acura legend?

How do you connect an iPod to a car stereo?

There are several ways to connect an iPod to your car stereo. One of the ways is using an FM Modulator. Another way to connect an iPod is a line-in connection.

What is stereo audio input?

That would be where you connect anything with a STEREO AUDIO OUTPUT.

How do you connect a cable box to a stereo receiver?

Connect a audio cable from the Audio Out connectors on the cable box to the AUX In Audio connectors on the stereo receiver.

Where can you find the live ignition wire for stereo in Mercedes c180 2002?

there is no ignition wire for the stereo, so what you need to do (what i did) is take the ignition wire from the cigarette lighter, as it only works when the ignition is on. i extended my stereo live ignition cable (u can use any wire) and fed it through to the cigarette lighter cable, made a little cut in the plastic casing of the wire, attached my wire to it, covered it with electrical tape, and voila, the stereo now works as normal!! hope this helps, if its not clear, let me know. rikxx

Does the 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier factory stereo have rca inputs in the back?


Where can you get a stereo wiring diagram for a 1995 Chevy cavalier?


How do I install a second battery in the trunk of My car for my stereo?

connect the positive and negative to the stereo

How do you Connect iPod to home stereo and charge iPod?

yes, you have to connect your ipod with the dock and connect it with an adaptor

How do you connect a stereo to AWA LCD TV Model no. MSDV2203-F3-D0?

You cannot connect a receiver to this TV. It has no audio outputs. You can connect your stereo to an external source, such as DVD or BluRay player, or a game console.

How do you locate the power stereo pump on a cavalier?

There's no such thing as a "power stereo pump", either someone is BSing you or you misheard them for something different.

How can you get better sound from your TV?

Connect the TV to a stereo unit and listen to the sound through the stereo.

Does the factory stereo on a 2002 cavalier have rca pre outs for installing an amp?


Where can you get a stereo wiring diagram for a 96 cavalier?

How do you install a stereo in a 1995 Buick Lesabre OR A WIRING DIAGRAM?

Connect the wiring harness to the back of your 1995 Buick LeSabre stereo. Secure the stereo with the stereo retaining screws.

How do you connect a 1 4 speaker jack to a home tuner stereo receiver?

You can connect a 14 speaker jack to a home tuner stereo receiver using the RCA connector.

What causes the stereo clock to re-set itself to 1200 every time you start the car?

There is a wire to the stereo that has power all the time ( straight to battery ) so that it retains its memory. This wire is disconnected, broken, or faulted somewhere. If it is an aftermarket stereo it might never have been connected. In the stereo wiring harness there should be one wire that has power with the ignition off, that is the one it will connect to for memory. If there is not one start checking fuses and wire continuity.

How do I connect my computer's audio to my stereo?

The best connection for your computer's audio to your stereo would be the line out connection on the computer to the auxilary input on the stereo amplifier.

Does a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier have an auxiliary input jack?

it depends if u are using the stock stereo then no but if it is not a stock stereo then u may have an aux input jack which comes out the back of the stereo the easiest way is to just pull out the stereo and take a look

What's the best way to connect a 5.1 stereo system to a current home theater? can give you step by step instructions on how to connect your 5.1 stereo system to your home theater.

How do you take out a stock stereo in a Cavalier?

Good luck. I know in a '98 you have to take out the dash...