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How do you purchase a second medical and dental plan so you do not have so much out of pocket expenses?


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2008-11-03 19:21:16
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If your first plans are through your employer you can try two options. First see if the company offers any voluntary supplemental plans. These are group plans that you have the option of purchasing or not. The advantage to buying these from your employer is that they may be eligible for payroll deduction which means the cost is pre-tax. If your employer does not offer such plans or your first plans are individual plans then speak with an agent that specializes in health care and ask about supplemental plans. There are many good plans on the market. Given the way the question was asked, you should look for what are called indemnity plans. This type of plan pays you for an incident based on a schedule with no regard for what it costs you. For instance, I have plans that will pay you $75 for a doctor visit or $1000/day for a hospitalization.


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Out of pocket expenses are business expenses for which the individual who accrues these expenses is not reimbursed by the company they are employed by or from the business itself if they are the business owner.

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I have no dental insurance and will be paying out of pocket expenses. I need a quote for upper dentures to include 3 tooth extractions. Please advise. Thanks how much for upper and lower dentures i have no dental lnsurance and wi;; be paying ot of pocket for full uppers n need a quote My friend has no insurance and needs about 7 teeth on top pulled and dentures. How much would this cost? Can she also get a payment plan?

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Average out of pocket costs for aarp insurance depends on your current medical state. If you have many health issues, your out of pocket expenses will be higher than others with little health issues.

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Medical expense insurance: Covers some or all of the out of pocket expenses paid by the insured for covered medical expenses. Disability insurance: Makes up for some or all of the income lost during the disability of the insured.

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