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The timing is controlled by the onboard computer and cannot be adjusted without modifeing the computers programming. If you are certain that it is your timing that's the problem put your attention towards a possible stretched timing chain or a faulty crankshaft sensor.

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Q: How do you put a 1995 Oldsmobile 98 3800 series 2 in time?
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Did buick make a 3800 V-6 engine without air conditioning for aregal?

By the time the 3800 series debuted, all were equipped with AC

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Can you run a 1995 Buick park ave ultra without the supercharger if so how?

Not worth your time. You would need new OBD (on board diagnostics.) You would need an intake manifold from a 3800 series I. As the 1995 supercharged was still mated to a 3800 series I design( 1996 up mounted the supercharger to a series II.) The series I base in the 91-94 PA's made about 170 HP. In 1995 the series II base was introduced making 205 HP. However the series I had about a 9.4-1 compression ratio non-supercharged, supercharged the compression was lowered to 8.5-1. Basically if you did all the changes unless you changed the length of the piston rods you would get an engine making about 150-155 HP. It would probably be cheaper to get a rebuilt 3800 series II making 205 HP and drop that in you would get a stronger engine with better fuel economy than a series I (about 30 MPG hwy.) As GM used this engine up to 2007 in pontiacs, chevys, buicks and olds there should be quite a few to choose from.

Why is my 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora sound like its back firing or sputtering under the hood?

Could be time for a tune up.

Can you replace 3.1 engine with 3.8 engine in 98 lumina?

Yes, the 3800 series motor is the best engine that GM has made for some time, it would be a wise choice to do so.

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What could be wrong with a 1995 Oldsmobile aurora when the dash lights and the information such as date and time lights flash off and on and eventually go out?

one of your sensors are faulty try checking your oil sensors

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2001 buick lesabre with the 3800 series II engine and it has started using a little bit of oil and coolant all of a sudden.I add approx 1 quart each every 1000 miles?

Possibly head gasket, cracked head, damaged piston rings, or even a leak in your coolant hoses or oil lines. more likely to be the upper intake manifold, common issue, its plastic. all 3800 series 1 + 2 seem to experience this at some point in time.

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