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File suit in the appropriate state court in the county in which registered owner resides. If a judgment is granted it can be executed as a lien against the vehicle according to the laws of the judgment debtor's state. The lender is the primary lien holder if the vehicle has been used as collateral and a secondary lien can be enforced without the lender's release after the lending agreement has been completed.

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Q: How do you put a lien on a car that has a loan in your name but is titled to someone else?
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Can a person put a lien on someone else's car with their permission as collateral for a loan?


Can a personal loan between sister be willed to someone else?

A personal loan is an asset to the estate. As such it can be willed to someone else if there is proper documentation of the loan.

Can you get a home equity loan on your rental property?

If you are renting the property from someone else and do not own it, no, because a home equity loan is like a mortgage. The lender has a lien on the property if you default on the loan. If you are the owner of a property and rent it out, yes you should be able to get a loan with the property as security.

How much money do you get for a car lien?

Answer lien on car?i let someone borrow 1100.00. he doesn't own a home. and he has a cr with a loan on it. can i put a lien on the car??

How do you put your car loan in someone else's name?

You just can't place your loan in someone else's name. That other person has to get his/her own loan for the car and pay off your loan.

If a cars title status says lien is it ok to purchase the car?

If the car has a lien on it, that means someone else has legal right to the vehicle probably for the balance of a car loan or due to non-payment of the car loan. If you purchase the car from its owner then you will be responsible for paying the lien or the vehicle may be repossessed by the lender or seized to pay the debt. You would need to obtain a valid release of the lien and follow the appropriate steps to have the lien released if you want to acquire a clear title.

How do you get out of a used car loan?

To get out of a used car loan, pay off the loan or find someone else who will do that.

Is it illegal to loan a drivers license to someone else?

Yes. A license cannot be 'loaned' to someone else.

Can the executor of the estate sign over a camper registration and title to someone else and the loan payment stay in the deceased person name?

No, that would not be possible. There is a loan on the vehicle and the lien holder must be satisfied first. It is not likely that they will allow the transfer without a new loan being created.

Do you get the title to your car if you have a loan on it?

No. You don't get the title to your car until any loans against it are paid in full. <><><> In several states, you will get a title document- but it will show the loan company or bank as a lienholder. That title cannot be transferred to someone else until the lien is satisfied (loan paid off)

Can you file a lien against someone that owes you money for a student loan?

No go to small claims court.

Would the estate pay back a loan from a loan that was a line of credit on a house that was given to someone else before the person died?

Yes, the estate has to resolve all debts. The property cannot be transferred while subject to a lien from a line of credit.

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