How do you put anime pictures online that you made with gimp and not get a copyrighted message?

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use imgur(dot)com is the best site
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What is a gimp?

Gimp has many meanings. . A twisted silk or cotton cord with a wire core used for upholstery trimming. . A slur for handicapped persons, specifically someone who has difficulty walking due to their disability. . A free image editing program similar to Adobe Photoshop. The acronym stands for " ( Full Answer )

What can you do on GIMP?

you can do a lot of things in gimp including the fact that gimp is free just type in gimp and download it from the website then look up tutorials on youtube.

What is gimping?

gimping usually means to take away depending on picture with three people in gets gimped ends up being same picture but with two of the people in.j

How do you get animated online pictures to animate on your desktop background?

You cannot. Desktop is a single image which would cause problems if you made it animate. . Windows 98 allowed you to disply the desktop as a web page, which allowed animation. Vista ultimate allows you to play an mpeg move on the desktop background. Windows 7 and Vista allows the use of gadgets w ( Full Answer )

How do you get gimp?

GIMP, a free image-editing program, can be downloaded at Just scroll about halfway down the page and click on the version of Windows or Mac that you have. The download should then start automatically. I recommend downloading it to your desktop so you can find it easily when you want to ins ( Full Answer )

Where can you get GIMP?

There are several builds of GIMP. each available for different operating systems. The ones on the main GIMP website are actually source code and binaries for Linux. There is a separate site for the Windows build, at least two different builds for Mac OS X, and the modified version known as GIMPShop, ( Full Answer )

When was copyright made?

The basis for US copyright law was established in the Constitution. For this reason Article 1 section 8 clause 8 has become known as the "copyright clause". "To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respe ( Full Answer )

What is GIMP?

GIMP is a open-source picture editing program similar in scope to Adobe Photoshop, but its free. Free Open Source Graphics Program for editing pixel images. it can also be known as a plastic lacing cord sold at many craft retailers

How do you put photo-bucket pictures on gaia online profile?

Login to your Photobucket account or search an image and select it's IMG code. Copy the whole code and then afterwards login to Gaiaonline and paste the code basically anywhere. In a comment to your friend, your about me, your signature, and many others.Or, you can type in the img code. which is: [i ( Full Answer )

How do you make animated things on GIMP?

different ways of doing this easiest way duplicate the layer and do what you want. to check it go to FILTERS then to ANIMATION lastly to PLAYBACK. dont forget to save as a gif file

What are gimps?

The word "gimp" can have a large number of meanings: . A handicapped person - usually considered offensive. . GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), a free and open-source program similar to Adobe Photoshop. . a suit worn in some BDSM relationships. . a trim or wire found in embroidery and u ( Full Answer )

Who made the gimp?

Spencer kimball & Peter Mattis made up the "Gimp" Raster graphics photo editor program which is competitor of photoshop but it is open source & free program.

Can you copyright an animal?

Not as such. If you draw, paint, sculpt, or otherwise create the likeness of an animal, your work is automatically protected by copyright. If you managed to create a new kind of animal, it may be possible in some jurisdictions for you to patent the animal. If you owned, say, a dog with ( Full Answer )

How do you put dropable dialogs back into a GIMP toolbox?

I actually wondered this for a while when I updated my GIMP before figuring this one out. I tried dragging the entire window and dropping it, but that obviously didn't work. Then I tried grabbing just inside the window and dragging that. Let's take the dialogue box "Layers" for example. The entire ( Full Answer )

How do you resize pictures on gimp?

When you have your desired image open, there will be a menu bar at the top beginning with drop-down options like "File", "Edit", "Select", etc. One of these menus is called "Image". Click this and you will see a list of options, including one called "Scale Image". Select this. Once you have selecte ( Full Answer )

How do you upload GIMP pictures to photobucket?

Photobucket currently does not support xcf (GIMP) Extensions. To upload a picture that was edited in GIMP you will have to change it's file type. To do this click "File" and then "Save as..." Then click "Select File Type". Once you have selected an Extension from the list of options, click "Save"

How do you upload stuff you made on GIMP?

This depends on what you want to upload your works for. If you only want to show your friends a picture you made, the related links contain image hosters that allow you to upload images for free. After uploading, you receive a link to your image online that you can give to your friends. Other int ( Full Answer )

How do upload a GIMP picture to DeviantArt?

Save your picture as a PNG or JPG. Then go to and create an account if you don't already have one. Once you have your account, click your username in the top left corner. There should be an option that says 'submit art' at the right side of your page. Click that and follow the site's ( Full Answer )

How do you create animation with GIMP?

You open a new document, then you make a new layer on top of the background. Put the first frame of your animation on this new layer. After you have completed the first frame of your animation, uncheck the little eye to make this layer invisible, and create another layer. Make the second frame of yo ( Full Answer )

How are guides made in gimp?

Click on either the top or the left margin ... then drag the guide to where you want it.

How can i put anime picture to your profile?

if your on face book, then go to "google images .com" and look for the picture you want then right click on it and save it to your computer as a document and then when you go to face book select change picture then select browse pictures as in the pics on your computer and then find your anime one

Who made up Gimp?

Spencer kimball & Peter Mattis made up the "Gimp" Raster graphics photo editor program which is competitor of photoshop but it is open source & free program. Later,when it was referred to "GNU",then a group of volunteers programmers participate in its development.

How can you get copyright pictures?

The question is unclear as to your intentions. If you are creating pictures and wish to have them protected by copyright, you don't need to do anything: permission is automatic as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium. If formal registration is available in your country, you may choose t ( Full Answer )

How do you draw a picture using gimp software?

After opening GIMP choose your background color as well as foreground color. Then click "File" then "New" and select whatever sizes you want. After you have a new layer, click on the brush tool and start drawing! Tutorials here:

Is gimp a good digital picture editor?

Yes, Gimp is a good digital picture editor. It is user friendly and easy to understand, so even the novice photographer can produce high quality images.

How can you make an animated picture online?

There are several ways to make an animated picture online. The easiest way is to use a GIF generator. To generate a GIF a video or several images are needed.

How do you copyright pictures online?

You don't DO anything for copyright. It is free and automatic in over 160 countries that belong to the Berne Convention, including the USA. You can optionally use the copyright notice to remind people you own the copyright. You can optionally register your copyright if you're planning to sue some ( Full Answer )

Where can one find pictures of animal tattoos online?

Good places to find pictures of animal tattoos online include: tumblr, Pinterest, and Tattoofinder. Other good sources include the websites of individual tattoo shops, like Bullseye Tattoo or other local parlors.

Where can one find cute baby animal pictures online?

There is an absolute plethora of cute baby animal pictures on the internet. A simple Google Image search could be instigated for easiest results. Also, sites such as Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook may be used to find cute animals with more steps.