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Q: How do you put more top friends on hi5?
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How can you hide your top friends on hi5?

Enter this code in the Styles section: <style>#friends {display: none;}</style>

How do you put top friends list on the side of your Facebook?

just pick the people you want as a top and just select as top friends and they should automatically show up

What is top friends?

top friends mean best friends

How do you edit your top friends on MySpace?

You Go To Top Friends Then in The Top Right Corner You Press Edit But Since Now Myspace is Different/New They Havnt Put That in it Yet So You Cant Change Your Top Justt Yet

If a guy put you on his top friends does that mean he likes you?

Either he likes you or he really respects you. If he has a small top friends list there's a good chance he likes you, but if he has a larger top friends list he may just consider you a good friend. Also, your position on his top friends (i.e. first or last) should be factored in.

Top 10 social networking sites?

Myspace Facebook Twitter Meez Gaia IMVU Stardoll Deviantart Mocospace Hi5

What is the top mafia on Mafia Wars?

It is the regular people in your mafia that are very good or your friends that you put in your top mafia to boost all your stats.

How can you only show your top friends?

Because there is not enough room for any more.

How do you get top dollars on Facebook?

You have to do the quizzes on the top friends page, and then you own friend's profiles and make more money.

How do you do arrows on Bebo?

You have to add people who have arrows as their profile photo and then put them in your top 10 friends list.

What are the 5 top sport sites on the Internet?


Why do cooking oil foams to the top of the pot?

The more moisture in the food, the more foam that rises to the top. If you put something really dry in oil, it will only bubble, but if you put something moist, it will foam more.

What would be a good photo caption for friends wearing funny hats?

Put this as the caption: And to top it all off......

How do you delete your hi5?

When you log in, in the top right corner, next to the log out button, is the word account. Click that, and scroll to the bottom, it says cancel my account.

Where can you get the White flower in Harvest moon more friends of mineral town?

At the top of the mountain at 6pm

How do you add top friends on meez?

you go to your friends list and look at the right side of the page and it say ADD TO TOP FRIENDS

How do you put lights on a Christmas tree from bottom or top?

Start from the top and circle the tree. Add more strands if needed.

Where can one find more information about love and friends?

You can find information about the United Kingdom dating website, love and friends at the official love and friends website.Once on the page, click the "About" link in the top navigation bar for more information.

How do you put the word compact in a sentence?

Many people prefer a lap-top computer to a desk-top machine, as a lap-top is more compact.

How do you view top 8 friends on MySpace?

you go to the view friends link on your homepage and at the top select top friends. or it shows on your myspace if you dont have it hidden and on your regular homepage

How do you get monkeys favorite in more donuts?

You get a regular yeast donut then put bananas on top.

How do you center your hi5 profile?

Follow these steps to install your tweak. # Log in to your HI5 account. # Click the "Edit Profile" link. # Copy and Paste the code below to the top of your "About Me" section. # Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save "# Now your finished! Click the "My Profile" link to see your changes. td{text-align:center}

How do you change your top friends in gaia?

Go to your Friendslist (My Gaia > Friends), select the friends you want at the top by placing a checkmark next to the Usernames, then go to the bottom of that box and click the button "Move to Top"

How do you choose top friends on bebo?

kan i make friends from overseas?

What hand do you put on top of the stick when playing lacrosse?

What ever hand feels more comfortable to you.