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Putting Notes on a iPodMake a note in Notepad, and make it so the "Use iPod for disk space" is enabled in your iPod preferences, then open My computer> Ipod> Notes> then drag the note you saved in Notepad into the folder, and there ya go, it should show up on your iPod.


Before posting your Notescast to your iPod, you'll need to enable your iPod as a disk drive. To do so,

A. Connect your iPod to your computer as you normally would

B. Once iTunes opens, select your iPod under Devices in the Source List on the left side of the iTunes screen

c. Click the "Enable Disk Use" checkbox in the Options section. You'll find this checkbox at the base of the screen under the "Summary" tab.

Once finished, then open your File Manager application. Because your iPod is now enabled as a disk drive, your File Manager app will recognize it as such. If you click on your iPod, you'll see the Notes folder. Now highlight the file you created (which should've been saved as a .txt file) and copy it to this Notes folder. Then highlight your iPod in iTunes, and choose to eject it. (Now that you have enabled your iPod as a disk drive, you should always choose to eject it when disconnecting it from your computer) Now go to your iPod main menu, select Extras, then Notes and you should see your new Notescast.

Depends on what ipod you have if it's a ipod touch then your good. Just go to the first page on your ipod there is an app there called "notes" use that.

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Q: How do you put notes on an iPod?
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How do you put notes on an iPod touch?

Look at the instructions

How do you put notes onto an iPod nano?

To put notes (or other files) on an iPod requires that it can be used as an external drive. Connect the iPod to the computer and launch iTunes. Select the iPod in the source list and click on the options button. Select Enable Disk Use.Prepare your note in a word processor and save it as a standard .txt text file. Add the note to the Notes folder on the iPod. Notes can be viewed by selecting Extras then Notes.

Is there you way to put songs and movies on your ipod without using itunes or any other software and what is this way?

Placing them in the notes folder of the ipod?

Where is the notes folder on an iPod?

The notes folder is located inside the "Extras" folder in the iPOD main menu.

How do you put photos on your ipod without using itunes?

Put them into the "Notes" Folder. open them as a note. it takes a few seconds to load the photo and you can't do a slideshow, but it's your photos on your ipod without iTunes

How do you change font on notes on iPod touch?

Go to Settings >> Notes.

How do you retrieve notes on an iPod touch after restoring the iPod and them not being in the notes folder on the iPod?

Whenever i plug in my ipod touch, i see that the computer backs the ipod up whenever it is synching. The only solution i can think of is to go through your computer documents and look for ipod touch backup library. Good luck.

How can you get notes off your ipod touch?

Press delete :)

How do you put Facebook on iPod Nano?

You cannot put facebook on a nano, but you can put it on an iPod Touch.

Can you put Hannah Montana on your iPod?

Yes, you can put Hannah Montana on your iPod.

How do you put deleted songs on your iPod?

If the song is deleted, then you can't put it on your iPod.

How do you put games from ipodarcade onto your ipod?

They're just advanced text files. Once you've downloaded the game and enabled Disk Mode on your iPod via iTunes, drag the folder you've downloaded into the notes folder on the iPod. This only works with the G4/5/6 iPods, the iPod Nanos (all generations), and the G2 iPod Minis.

What are the notes to rolling in the deep?

not sure but great song i have it on my ipod

Can you save or write essays on a iPod touch?

yeah in the notes.

My Ipod touch was stolen and I had some poetry on notes and had backed my ipod up on itunes. Is there any way I can view what I backed up?

Poetry notes... Is that necessary to mention it on here.

How to put iPod on ds?

You cannot put anything from an iPod onto a Nintendo DS.

How can you transfer notes from your iPod touch to your other iPod touch?

don't be lazy!!!! just retype them!!! or in other words no!

How do you put songs on your iPod if it is locked?

If your iPod is locked, then you cannot put songs on it. You have to enter the password and unlock the iPod to add songs to it.

If you put downloaded music on your iPod will your iPod break?


Can you put a screensaver on an iPod Nano from my photos in the iPod?


How do you put a picture as the background on your iPod?

What Type Of iPod Is It?

How do you change the font on an ipod touch?

With typing in "notes" you go to settings>notes>choose font and there is 3 fonts!

How do you put Rhapsody music on your iPod?

In order to put music on an iPod, first put the music into your computer's iTunes (download this if necessary). Once the music is in the iTunes, syncing the iPod should put the music in.

Can a ipod put songs on an empty library?

No, this is one of the ways Apple attempts to prevent music being distributed illegally. You can however use the folders [ie notes, contacts, etc] to store stuff and transfer files as if the ipod were a flashdrive.

What is the iPod Nano?

It's a ipod that you can put at least 1,000 songs on to... And it has games, and you can put photo's on it.