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1. buy liquid and non liquid eyeliner.

2. put the non liquid eyeliner on below the pink part.

3. put the liquid eyeliner on over that 3 times so it looks thick.

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Is eyeliner a liquid?

some forms of eyeliner are liquids. you can either get "liquid eyeliner" which is a liquid or "eyeliner pencil" which is a solid.

What can we use instead of an eyeliner brush?

If you want to put eyeliner on your bottom lash line, I suggest pencil eyeliner. And if you want to put eyeliner on your top lashes, use liquid eyeliner because it lasts longer, but you need practice and a steady hand for it to come out good (:

Is it safe to put liquid eyeliner under your eye?

Yes, that is what it is made for.

How do you put eyeliner on the bottom lid?

do the same thing as the top lid...but u do it on the bottom Put liquid eyeliner on top of the pencil liner. It will keep it on longer

How Taylor swift does her eyeliner?

Liquid Eyeliner on her top eye lid.

What is liquid eyeliner made from?

Well liquid eyeliner is really whatever is in eyeliner but not formed into a solid just poured into a bottle..which i guess is really Kohl (a powdery substance)

Is it bad to put eyeliner on your waterline?

Not at all, Infact most Scene/Emo's prefer to put eyeliner on their water-line :')Tip how to put it on:Eyeliner Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner ; Mix :D1.Sharpen your eyliner pencil so it's not too blunt.2. Start from the right-hand corner of your eye, then work your way along wards.3. Go over your water-line as manhy times as you like, until it's thick enough.4. Get out your liquid eyeliner, and practice drawing thick lines on your hand before applying.5. Use your waterline as a guide-line, draw a thick line underneath your waterline with your Liquid Eyeliner until it is thick enough for you.Personal Comment ;Don't put Liquid Eyeliner on your waterline until your really confident with applying makeup, otherwise you could get panda eyes, or makeup in your eyes....OUCH!!Hope this helps ;)

What is the best smudge proof eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner. It doesn't smear at all whereas pencil eyeliner does. Hope this helped!! :)

How do you get liquid eyeliner to work first time?

Liquid eyeliner is the hardest form of eyeliner to work with. You will need steady hands to achieve it on the first attempt. If doubtful, draw a thin line of your desired shape for eyeliner with your usual pencil as your base first then go over it with the liquid liner.

Who invented liquid eyeliner?


Is liquid eyeliner better than pencil eyeliner?

In some ways, yes. Most people find liquid eyeliner easier to apply and it gives a better look, especially if you are going for something dramatic. Liquid eyeliner, however, comes in small bottles and therefore runs out more frequently. So if you are buying a very expensive brand of eyeliner, it could be very expensive to keep buying liner. Also, liquid eyeliner smudges a lot more quickly and easily than pencil eyeliner does.

What is the best long lasting eyeliner?

The best, long lasting eyeliner that I have ever used it L'Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner. You can put it on quickly and easily, and it's very soft around the eyes yet intense in color.

Do you put eyeshadow over top you eyeliner?

You put eyeshadow on your eyeLIDS. Then after that, you apply eyeliner on your eyes. Never put eyeliner on first and then eyeshadow because the eyeshadow may cover up all your eyeliner and you`ll have to redraw everything. So you don`t want to put eyeshadow on your eyeliner.

How do you put eyeliner on?

Ok this is fairly simple!1) Make sure eyeliner is sharp. Not to sharp though!2) Place the eyeliner pencil in the at the inner edge of eye!3) Close your eye then move the pencil back and forward about 5 times!Liquid eyelinerFor liquid eyeliner:1) Close your eye.2) From the inner edge of your eye start really thin and work your way up thicker!Hope this helps alot! :) x

What are some tips to make gel eyeliner stay on without smudging for seven hours or longer?

No Smudging of EyelinerWays to make your liquid eyeliner stay is don't touch it, or rub any where near your eyes until it dries. As this is true, you can try to take blush or foundation and lightly put it over your liquid eyeliner so you have a barrier between your eyeliner and finger when you rub your eyes.You can try using an eyeshadow base, which are supposed to prevent smudging and are inexpensive.

What do you put on first eyeshadow of eyeliner?

i apply the shadow fist then the liner that way u dont smer the liner i also finf that if you have smaller eyes then it is best to just aply liner to the top lid, aplying it to the bottom tends to make eyes look smaller!!!!! Well me, I like to put on eyeliner first, cause it is easier. The reason why is when I put on foundation or compact, I don't want to get that all over my fingers, so I put on eyeliner first, then everything else. I have small eyes, and it is hard to put on liquid eyeliner...

How do you apply emo eyeliner?

i use black liquid eyeliner think below my eyes and then above i put another think layer then on the inside of my bottom eyelashes i take my black stick eyeliner and go back and forth until its dark enough like i like it :)

Why does your liquid eyeliner burn your eyes?

Your eyes are very sensitive to things and the eyeliner has chemicals in it that burn you eye.

What year was liquid eyeliner invented?

Liquid eyeliner was invented in the 1950â??s. It was used to perfect the cat eye look that Brigitte Bardot made famous.

Can you wear liquid eyeliner with contacts on?

Yes you can wear liquid eyeliner with contacts Just beware of getting it in your eye when applying and avoid rubbing your eye. it is up to you

Is felt tip eyeliner better than regular eyeliner?

Sometimes it can be if you want the eyeliner to be clean cut and perfect. Regualer eyeliner is great for smokey eye looks. Either way both or good, even liquid eyeliner

Best method of eye liner, and best color?

Line and define your way to gorgeous eyes with pencil, waterproof or liquid eyeliner. Choose from a selection of eyeliner today at Line and define your way to gorgeous eyes with pencil, waterproof or liquid eyeliner. Choose from a selection of eyeliner today at

What did Cleopatra use for eyeliner?

Cleopatra didn't use eyeliner, she used Kohl, however, use liquid eyeliner if you want your eyes to look like Cleopatra's.

What are some popular eyeliner styles in the US?

There are a few popular eyeliner styles in the US. These include: simple retro-style liquid eyeliner, smoky eyes, V-shaped eyeliner application, all the way around eyeliner style.

How do you remove an eyeliner stain?

Eyeliner is a combination stain. Start by scraping off as much eyeliner as you can, and then pretreat it with the strongest pretreatment you have. Then rub the stain with liquid detergent and wash it.

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