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The JC Higgins Model 21 is a pump shotgun, not a rifle. Reassembly should be done by a competent gunsmith.

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Q: How do you put the bolt back together on a J C Higgins Model 21 rifle?
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How do you put a recruit Crosman model 525 air rifle?

How do you put WHAT. A pellets in the rifle, a BB in the rifle, Put it back together. your question is incomplete.

How do you put back together a crosman model 781 bb rifle?

See the link below for the parts diagram.

What is a jc Higgins 22 rifle 103313 worth?

dont no i was wondering what a sears roebuck 22 magnum model 44dvm was worth so if anybody knows please email me back

How does the spring go back together on the slide on the Winchester model 190 22 long rifle?

You need a good gunsmith.

How do you remove a bolt from a JC Higgins mark 2 bolt action rifle?

in most cases you have to hold the trigger down as you slide the bolt out of the back of the rifle.

How do you assemble a Winchester 243 lever action rifle?

The only Winchester made lever action rifle was the model 88.I would refer you to a good gunsmith to put your model 88 lever action rifle back together again,as these rifles are complex and should not be attempted by a novice.

When was the Higgins 126 series 22 air rifle made?

Your question is somewhat incomplete. Both Crosman and Daisy made air guns for Sears under the JC Higgins Brand name. Any model that started with 126.xxxxx was made by Crosman, any model that started with 799.xxxxx was made by Daisy. So to answer your question, Both companies made JC Higgins air rifles going back to the 20's in both calibers .177 and .22. If you post all the model numbers I MAY be able to tell you more about your air rifle. The numbers that come after 126 identify the exact Crosman model.

How do I put back together my air rifle Crosman 177 air rifle I Took the three screws out to look at it and it exploded?

first of all it's best to determine the model number. Crosman has most of there manuals, both "Owners and Parts" manuals available to the public. You can post the question with the model number here or look up the parts manual at the link below. The parts manual will help you put the rifle back together..

Who and when made the j c Higgins model 43 22 rifle serial number 103.49810?

They were made by High Standard Company back in the latest 50's early 60's to be sell exclusively at Sears Department Stores.

Where can i go to get my rifle put back together?

Gun shop or gunsmith

Where to locate serial number on jc Higgins model 20 583.53?

your shotgun was made in 1947 guns made back then were not required to have a serial no. It was not until the Federal gun control act of 1968 that rifles or shotguns were required by federal law to have a serial number.J C Higgins brand guns were sold from 1945 to 1962 You will never see a J C Higgins rifle or shotgun with a factory serial number.

How do you load a jc Higgins slide action bb gun?

I believe you are asking about a BB rifle made by Daisy for Sears, the model number is 799 9045. If this is it, then it's a Daisy model 25. To load the BB gun you have to unscrew the very end of the barrel. pull it out you will see a spring inside a long tube. Pull it back and load the tube with BB's let the spring go back down and push the BB together Now carefully screw the tube back into place and cock the forearm back and forth. You are ready to fire.

Where can you get a bolt for jc Higgins model 58316?

You can't. There is a safety recall on that model- unsafe to shoot. Sears has been buying back the bolts for years to take them out of circulation.

How do you put 66 powermaster back together?

Go to and click on "Download a manual" you will find you rifle there. It will give you an exploded view of the rifle.

How do you put a ted Williams 126.1910 air rifle back together?

This rifle was made for Sears using the Ted Williams brand name. It was made by Crosman and is really the Crosman model 160. It was made from 1962 -1971. See the link below for the parts diagram.

Was the jc Higgins model 31 gas operated?

No. .22 rimfire guns do not produce sufficient gas for that. They are "blow back" operated.

When was sears model 43-103.19811 22 cal rifle made?

They say this model is the Marlin 81, which goes back as far as 1937

How do you remove the bolt from a Savage model 340 rifle?

boat the gun and pull the triger and pull the poat back and out

How do you put a paintball gun back together?

It depends completely on the model

What is the age of JC Higgins model 103.229?

The JC Higgens, model 103.229 bolt action .22 dates back to the mid to late 1950s making it close to 50 to 60 years old.

Information about J.C. Higgins-model 583.9 sears Roebuck and Co. 20gauge bolt action?

That was a H&R Model 121 that they sold through Sears back in the 50's

How can you put a model 2100 classic back together again?

Take it to a gunsmith

How do you put a brass eagle paintball gun back together?

it depends on the model.

How do you put your marling 30 30 rifle back together?

Take a bite of humble pie and ask a gunsmith for help.

How do you but a bb gun back to together?

Which model? All the different models are assembled differently.