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You have to wind the jack out to an almost 90o angle between the side pieces and then fold the handle over the jack. Line up the hole on the handle with the right hand hole in the bottom of the trunk, and fasten down with the short bolt. Then line up the spare wheel over the top, the squareish shape of the jack will now fit easily inside the round well of the wheel and you then use the longer bolt with the large plastic flange / washer to fasten it down.

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Q: How do you put the jack back in a 2003 ford focus?
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Where is jack on 2003 Ford Focus?

I believe it is stored under the spare tire

Where is the jack stored for a f250 2003 ford pu?

behind or under back seat

Where is the auxiliary input jack in the 2012 Ford Focus?

If you have it, it's on the console or in the glove box towards the back left.

How do you remove a 2003 ford focus ZX5 alternator?

remove the passenger side motormount, and eater reservoir. jack up the engine and pull out from the top of engine. you will need to get under the car to get to the back bolts...

Where is the starter on a 2003 Ford Focus?

way in the back, if you take of the intake air hose(where it connects from your air box to the engine) it would be directly below it its hard to see it, best way is to jack up the car and look up at it.

Where dos the water go in a ford focus saloon?

Next to the Jack Black.

2003 ford focus-unable to remove the alternator due to lack of space?

You'll probably have to jack it up, take a wheel off, and remove the splash pans.

Where is the spare tire jack in a Ford Focus?

Deftly hidden under the spare tire.

How do you replace a wheel on a Ford Focus?

Jack car up. Remove the lug nuts

How do you plug a ipod into a 2003 Ford Focus?

Does it have a tape player? if so, get a tape adapter with a headphone jack to plug it in to the ipod. If not, get an iTrip or similar FM transmitter to transmit the signal to your car radio.

Where the fued pump switch on 2003 ford explorer?

very back driverside compartment where jack is located drive train computer is also located ther

Where is the tire jack for a ford explorer sport trac?

There should be a jack in the compartment behind the back seat.

Where is the jack stored on a 250 Ford truck?

under back seat

Where is Jack located on 2003 silverado?

I have a 03 silverado and the jack is under the back seat on the passenger side

Where is jack located in 1994 Ford Club Wagon?

In the back with the spare tire.

How do you assemble the jack on an 2005 Ford Focus?

Instructions are in your Owner's Manual as well as on a sticker located somewhere in the spare tire compartment.

How do you jack up a 2003 Ford Focus?

standard jacking points on a Ford Focus are within eight inches of the wheel well, between the two wheels. feel under the car (approx three inches from the edge) for an n shaped steel bar running the length of the car. the two edges of the bar should be about 10ml appart. follow this bar back (for the forward jack point) until the gap becomes narrower, and the depth of the bar changes slightly. this indentation on the bar is the jacking point. attach the head of the jack to this indentation, and then extend the jack towards the floor, ensuring that you have a firm footing when you get there. if you try and start from the floor and extend the jack towards the car, you could have trouble angling the jack head to fit the indentation. this link has pretty comprehensive diagrams of the jacking points (scroll down to see second side of the fact sheet)

Where is the jack stored on a 2003 Ford Ranger?


Ford focus knocking from front end at low speed like something is loose and knocking against something else?

I am having the same problem with my 2003 svt focus. I took it to a shop, they said it was my front sway bars or my independent suspension. Maybe check that out. But the guy didn't seem to be to into finding out the problem. Had a mustang that did that, outer tie rod fixed it. Jack up one of the wheels shake back and forth check for knock.

Where is the jack on 2003 e150 cargo van?

Where is the jack on a 2003 e350 van

Where is the low jack system in a ford expedition 2003?

The installers never put them in the same place & do not tell their owner's for security reasons.

How do you change a tire on a Ford Focus?

To change a tire on the Ford Focus, first pry the wheel cover from the center of the wheel. Then, remove the lug nuts from the wheel. Then, using a jack, lift the vehicle so that the wheel that you want to remove is off of the ground. Lift the tire and wheel off of the lug nuts.

Where to place tire jack ford explorer sport trac?

I goes under the passenger side back seat.

Who played jack in jack and the beanstalk?

Colin Ford

Where can you buy a Ford Ranger Jack?

You can buy a jack at the ford dealer or u can go to a junk yard