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How do you put the word wool in a ten word sentence?

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I put the word wool in a ten word sentence.

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How do you put wool in a sentence with ten words?

The wrangler tied the sheep down to cut it's wool. His older brother has curly hair like a sheep's wool. She thought she could pull the wool over my eyes. The jumper made of sheep's wool was my favourite colour.

Can you put the word false in a ten word sentence?

i had a test on martin luther king and all the statements were false

How can you use the word dastardly in a sentence?

His dastardly crimes put him on the FBI's "Top Ten" list.

How can you makea ten letter sentence using the word sash?

"I have a sash" uses ten letters to make a complete sentence.

Can the word 'it' be the subject in a sentence?

Yes, the word it can be the subject of a sentence. It is hot outside today. It hasn't rained this hard in ten years!

A ten word sentence with the word vivacious?

My big sister is so vivacious it gets really annoying.

What is a good ten word sentence for the word tier?

The spectators on the highest stadium-tier had poor visibility.

What is a good sentence for the word tour?

I am scheduled to take the ten o'clock tour.

Can you help to put glacier in a sentence?

This glacier was much larger ten years ago.

How do you use the word ten commandments in a sentence?

Christians believe the Ten Commandments were given directly from God.Some people disobey the Ten Commandments.

Where do you get the eliminate the bones ten in poptropica?

put the bones to show ten so you click whatever doesn't make the word TEN

What is a ten word sentence for the word Amass?

People enter politics only to amass money, by whatever means.

What is a ten word sentence using the word libraries'?

Public libraries provide books we can check out and read at home.

How do you put 0.0051 in word form?

fifty-one ten-thousandths

How would you put consume in a sentence?

Like "I can consume a whole bag of chips in ten minutes."

Can you give a sample sentence for the word broad?

The plank was ten times as long as it was broad.

Sentence with the word arduous?

Running ten miles non stop is very arduous.

How do you write 0.5214 in a word sentence?

Fifty-two hundred and fourteen ten thousandths.

How do you write 12.0905 in a word sentence?

Twelve and nine hundred five ten-thousandths.

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