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Take out centre dash, for starters. Remove old unit. then find on the internet the wiring harness diagram to specify what each wire is then match this up with the wires on your sony stereo. hope this helps

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Free wiring diagram for Sony car stereo?

colar code for sony stereo car

Which is better car stereo Sony or kenwood?

Kenwood. Sony is garbage.

I have removed the stereo in my 88 jag replaced it with a Sony now it will not start?

What won't start, the Jag or the Sony?

Does Sony make stereo headphones?

Yes, Sony does make stereo headphones. There are a number of different places they can be purchased. You could get them on any number of websites, or also in retail stores such as Walmart.

Where can someone purchase a Sony stereo system?

Sony stereo systems are available at a variety of locations as well as many online stores. Examples include, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and HH Greg.

How much is a Sony Explod touch screen stereo?

More than you can afford

How do you unlock sony stereo xav-60 without remote?


How do you hook up an xbox 360 to a sony stereo?

Get your Audio out Cables coming out of the Xbox360 and plug them into your AV-in on your stereo instead of the AV-in on the TV. Tune your Stereo to AV-in Input and you're sorted.

Will these Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones work with your iPod or laptop?

yeah , they do

What Sony car stereo is the best?

None, go pioneer for around the same price. Bought a car with a Sony deck that sucked so bad! Quality = $$

How do you reset sony car stereo with remote control rm-x96?

= This works fine.=

How much is the average price of a Sony car stereo?

The price of a car stereo would depend on its complexity. High end car stereos may cost hundreds of dollars. The Sony XAV-63 costs about $329.99 and is available at sites like Amazon.

What TNC's are in Japan?

Sony Panasonic LG Toyota Nissan Honda, etc.

Wiring a sony stereo in a 1990 Toyota corolla?

Purchase a stereo install dash kit, you're best bet is eBay. Search in eBay for a "stereo install dash kit 1990 corolla". Should be about twenty bucks.

Where can you get PS3 Headset?

Amazon has them for $99 for the Wireless Stereo Headset by Sony and some suppliers are still in stock

What did Japan invent?

Japan invented Toyota, Sony, Mitsubishi, Datsun, Nissan, and more.

Which car stereo is good ken wood or pioneer?

Personally Kenwood are better quality but sony are evn better

Sony mini stereo system mhc gx450 and can't get it to shift off demo?

The Display button should do it

What is a good brand of cd changer to use with my factory stereo?

Sony and Pioneer are the top selling brands for cd changers.

What brand of stereo sound systems is the best to buy?

Different people will have different answers. I can give you my preference of Samsung or Sony.

What company bought CBS Records in 1988 and Columbia Pictures in 1989?


How do you remove a sONY stereo from a Toyota Paseo?

1. from bottom of trim panel around stereo pull from dash. 2. pull panel down to release latches at top. 3. remove 4 screws securing car stereo and pocket to dash. 4. pull car stereo forward, disconect antenna and connectors.

What were the top selling stereo systems for 2011?

The top selling stereo systems for 2011 were Kenwood, Visio, LG and Sony. A cheap brand that had high sells volume was Emerson. Bose sells a really good stereo system/speaker set for cars and home entertainment.

What is a Sony str212 receiver?

The STR-212 is a stereo receiver made by Sony in the late 80's and early 90's. It is not a home theater receiver, as it has no video switching capability, no digital inputs/outputs and only supports stereo speakers (2 pairs, usually set up in 2 different rooms).

What companies produce Ipod stereo systems?

Logitech, Sony, Bower's & Wilkin's and Azatom are companies that produce Ipod stereo systems of high quality, according to reviews. Bose is another higly rated company.