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How do you race any wanderer on Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero?


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December 17, 2012 2:04AM

Read the bios of the racers closely.the answer is there.some just show up after you complete certain tasks like,certain amount of races,miles,stopped at every pit area,drive a certain car,driving on a certain like for example,caffiene addict.he races every third day.machine inferno,a celica similar to his with no mods.dumb yet smart,take a nissan wagon from group b.craftman,i use a viper.crying baby,can only be raced after you race iron racer,and you have to use the same car n/a.loyal knight can only be raced with gentle rains car and you cannot modify it.last flight normally responds to a n/a vehicle,so use the viper for that one as well.exotic butterfly appears after 400 races.gentle rain appeared when i used the older mazdas rx's since his is actually a mazda rx3.speedbox showed up when i had the nsx.toll free,only ran against n/a.uncrushable alexander,normally runs factory cars with no mods.god year you have to use regular exhaust.wild heart,every three days.greenwild,your plates have to match his area.just set the screen to full forward,line your car behind his hit pause to copy the plate info.i have to replay the game to get the rest of the hints to you.hopefully this answers or solves some of those pesky wanderers you couldn't get.oh,i got 2 more for you.lost freak hates it when you drive the same car as he dress it up real for bloody mary,still got the viper handy?good you're going to need it.