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How do you re-charge the AC of a 1998 Contour when it no longer blows cool air?

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Hey JC==Parts stores have cans of 134 freon with a hose attached. The low preasure valve is either on or close to the receiver dryer or the can looking shiney thing by the evaporator. If you get too much in it, it won't cool as well.GoodluckJoe

Before you assume it is out of refrigerent, check to see if the system still has pressure, then verify that your compressor is pumping, you will need low and high side gauges. You could also have a restriction in the metering orafice in the evaporator. if it has low suction and discharge pressure, it is likely low on charge. in that case you need to find the leak.

good luck


2015-07-15 21:48:19
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Q: How do you re-charge the AC of a 1998 Contour when it no longer blows cool air?
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