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you ask her if she likes the guy

if so - break up time

if not - froget about the guy

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The guy that you like likes you but he has a girlfriend who he likes also but he kissed you but he doesnt want to break up with his girlfriend what should i do?

well if he kissed you you just have to tell him, that was nice and that you like him and he might brake up with his girlfriend

How do you tell if your girlfriend wants to kiss you?

Odds are, if you haven't kissed yet, she's not your girlfriend. If she doesnt freak out when people ask if you two have kissed yet... May be get a friend to ask her?

What do you do when the guy you like kissed you but you think he has a girlfriend?

This young man is trouble when he would kiss you and you know he has a girlfriend. Until he is no longer going with his girlfriend tell him to back off! If your not sure if he has another girlfriend, watch him like a hawk (at a distance without looking creepy)

Should you tell your girlfriend that you have never kissed and want her trust and help for the first time?

yes, you should tell her. if you are important to her, it shouldn't even matter that you've never kissed anyone.

How do you tell your ex you kissed your girlfriend?

You probably shouldn't bother. Telling them will just annoy the ex; talking about who you kissed and when isn't something you normally do anyway.

You have never kissed but your girlfriend has Should you tell her or will it make your first kiss weird?

i think you should you should be able 2 trust your girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you react when kissed?

You might smile. You might tell him/her how your feel; it was nice; don't do that again; do that again. Just don't ignore it. lol

How can you tell your parents about your first girlfriend?

if your mum (or mom) is ver protective about this then tell your dad first just ask him how he would react if you had a girlfriend and if it isent to bad tell him however if your dad is very protective tell your mum (or mom)

Should you tell your girlfriend you kissed another girl?

If there is even the slightest possibility your girlfriend might find out if you don't tell her, then yes; you're already boned, and being honest is marginally better than being caught. If not, then no. Some people (mostly female) will tell you to be honest. Do not, on your very life, listen to this. If you do, it will come back up in every argument you ever have for the rest of your life.

Ex girlfriend back?

if the ex girl friends call you and tell her that you have another girlfriend but i would like to be friends.

Can you tell when your girlfriend is seeing another man?

yes. she will be naked when she gets home

Should I be worried if my girlfriend forgets my name?

tell her a hint about your name There's three possibilities here: # She really did forget your name. In that case, find another girlfriend. # She 's off her medication. In that case, find another girlfriend. # She is testing you. In that case, find another girlfriend.

When to tell a girl you love them?

once you've kissed then tell them

How do you tell your girlfriend you're an adult baby?

You don't have to tell her; she'll figure it out. And if she doesn't, you are well suited for one another.

What do you do if some one trick your girlfriend and kissed her?

tell them to back the f*** off and if he doesn't, then start a fight, that's what i would do, i don't see how there would be a peaceful solution to this issue

How do you tell your boyfriend you kissed another guy?

You could just say to him 'I was drunk and he kissed me, so I was too drunk to resist?' It will cause him pain to know that, so maybe you should just put up with the guilt?

Do you tell your son his girlfriend is cheating?

It would be the best to tell him... It would be more worse when he sees his girlfriend doing something with another guy... You should handle the problem easy, and explain him it on an easy way. Ask him to talk with the girlfriend about it and handle it from there on.

Fine iwill tell your boyfriend ilovehim?

Whose boyfriend will you tell? Does he really want to be told this? How will he react? What about his girlfriend? How will she react? You need to be more mature in this matter or you will get the high drama that you want and deserve. Remember you will have brought this about yourself through your actions and you will nobody to blame but yourself.

What sould you do when a boy likes you but he has a girlfriend?

Tell his girlfriend or tell him to dump her for you

Me and my best guy friend kissed n he acts like my boyfriend n we alwways kiss but he has a girlfriend n i want to be his girllfriend what should i do?

I'm not trying to sound like a mom or nothin, but 1. he shouldn't have kissed you if he's already got a girlfriend, and 2. he shouldn't be acting like your boyfriend if HE"S GOT A GIRL!! - I say you just forget about it, and tell him to do the same, because kissing another girl's boyfriend is asking for huge trouble, and a whole lotta drama.

If a boy stares at your lips how can you tell if he's going to kiss you?

you will know when he does it. Another reply: By the time you read this, you will already know whether he has kissed you, or not.

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