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How do you read the tme?

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April 07, 2013 1:31PM

That depends on the which TME you are referring to. Also reading in the Western world is usually done left to right, however many eastern and arabic cultures prefer reading from right to left.

If you mean TME Online Exclusive Articles, all you need to do is to navigate to their website. Online reading is a bit different from book reading, instead of turning pages you need to click and scroll, also you need a computer device to read.

There are other TMEs you can read too, like for instance (not exhaustive):

TME The Mathematics Educator (journal)
TME Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment (magazine)
TME Test and Measurement Equipment (tool)
TME The Magician's Eye (photographic)
TME The Mount Erac (webcomic)
TME Transactions on Military Electronics (book)
TME Time and Materials Estimate (sheet)
TME The Military Engineer (online magazine)
TME Tommy Mäkinen Edition (record)
TME Traceability Made Easy (product tracking software)
TME The Mont Entertainment (record label)
TME Thomas Media Enterprise (web development)
TME Targeted Malicious Email