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First off, You want to decide how much of an extensive build you want to do. Example: -Top end only -Lower end only -Lower and top end

Top End: Guessing the motor is on a engine stand, you remove plenum and intake, remove valve covers, brackets, etc., remove the rocker arms so you can pull the push rods out (Take note witch push rods go to witch valves, the easiest way to do so is to get some cardboard and label and set the push rods like a diagram). Once the push rods are out, you can remove the heads via the four head bolts (you do not have to remove valve springs or valves to take the head off). Once the heads are off you can now rework the heads yourself, but i highly suggest you take them to a machine shop to have them reworked by a cylinder head specialist. Once the heads have been worked you can now remove and replace the head gaskets, reinstall the heads along with the push rods and rocker arms. reinstall the intake manifold (Don't forget new intake manifold gaskets). I do suggest installing the valve covers prior to installing the plenum for ease of installation. Install the plenum and all appropriate brackets, and your top end rebuild should be complete.

Lower end: This is a very long process, and should only be performed if you have knowledge on Engine rebuilding. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, DO NOT ATTEMPT. Do steps for disassembling top end as stated above. Once top end has been uninstalled, Remove distributor and pull the timing chain cover off as well as the timing chain. You can now remove the hydraulic lifters and camshaft. flip the engine over on the stand, and remove the oil pan. Once the oil pan has been removed, you can now remove the oil pump and mechanical fuel pump (If equipped). Remove the main bearings via two bolts per bearing. Once you have removed the main bearings you can remove the bolts holding each connecting rod (Note: You will have to rotate the crankshaft to get the bolts out). Once the connecting rods have been undone you can now remove the crankshaft from the engine. Next you remove the the piston and connecting rods by pushing out or pulling in. Once all engine components are removed, you can now inspect and clean the block. Look for damaged parts accordingly. I do suggest taking the block to be cleaned, and hydrostatic tested for cracks or further damage. After block has been cleaned and inspected you can now start the assembling process. Reverse the disassembling instructions to install all components. You will need alot of Assembly lube (Be very generous when applying Assembly lube to crankshaft and camshaft. VERY IMPORTANT!). You will need a complete engine rebuild kit, these normally cost anywhere from $800-$1000. Don't forget to pre set the timing (Don't forget TDC #1 cylinder!!). I do also suggest buying a rebuild manual so you have further step-by-step instructions like torque specs and further timing instructions, as well as other useful information. I think that about covers it, Please do other research aswell as reading this, I am human and do make mistakes.

Chris- 2004-2009 FoMoCo Master certified technician (advanced engine performance, front end specialist, drivability, and advanced electrical)

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Q: How do you rebuild a ford 302 engine?
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The firing order of the 75 302 is 15426378

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can you swap 302 ford engine in to 1980 cj 5 jeep 6 cil. in line?

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