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Friendships usually evolve naturally. It's to do with chemistry. We may have something in common with that person or, they make us laugh or we make them laugh. Friendships aren't that far removed from love relationships, with the exception we don't engage in sex (should it be the opposite sex that is your friend.) With good friendships there is loyalty, honesty and that you feel good around that person and can have fun together. If you get to know each other fairly well then you share the good with the bad and are there 100% for each other. You sound like a person that may dissect simple things in life a little too much. If you are shy the other person will probably make the move. However, there is no reason you can't take it slow and easy with this person and ask them out to your favorite haunts such as a coffee hang-out, club, etc., and the more you are together the more you will get to know each other. Talk about what you like .... sports, favorite movies, favorite actors, and keep the conversation simple at first. Then let nature takes its course. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you recognize a friend and cultivate the relationship?
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How do you cultivate a relationship?

There are many ways you can cultivate a relationship. Be positive, be outgoing, and start meeting new people.

What does it mean to be in a relationship?

A relationship is just that, like a friend and friend, or children with parents.

Should you love your best friend or could it ruin your friend like relationship?

It will ruin our friend like relationship

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The British

What is basic relationship?

The basic relationship probably is a friend-based relationship.

How do you use the word cultivate?

Cultivate your friends and keep them close. My mother wants to cultivate flowers.

What did Alexander Hamilton and his supporters believe that the US needed to cultivate a firm relationship with in order ti survive as a nation?

The British

What is an example of perceptual consistency?

your friend turns around and you only see her back, but you still recognize her.... APEX:).

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I can give you several sentences.We tried to cultivate her friendship.Farmers cultivate the soil for their crops.I have given up trying to cultivate her taste.

How do you make a sentence for cultivate?

I am trying to cultivate my garden, between rainstorms. Let's try to cultivate a prosperous community.

How can you recognize when a relationship is unhealthy?

when you feel there is not much thing to share or to talk with him/her

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Study, study, study! Practise, practise, practise! Cultivate, cultivate, cultivate!

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to cultivate energy is to create it

Write an essay on your friend?

to show the relationship with your friend and their quility

In the sentence 'A teacher's job is to cultivate a hunger for learning' what does cultivate mean?

In the sentence 'A teacher's job is to cultivate a hunger for learning' cultivate means to nurture or develop.

How do you spell cultivate?

That is the correct spelling of "cultivate" (farm, or nurture).

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Cultivated is the past participle of cultivate.

Who recognizes that the Church has an intimate relationship with Jesus?

because they want the church to recognize him

How do you get off the friend basis with a relationship?

once you are in the friend zone then there is not getting out

What is the difference between a lover and a best friend?

A lover (sexual) is a conditional relationship, where a best friend (Platonic) is, or should be an unconditional relationship.

Cheating in long distance relationship?

my girl friend slept with my best friend and continuing her relationship with other men too.still she is not married.

What to tell a gay friend?

Just keep a normal convestion. It is not hard; Like hey how are you basics. What is your relationship with this friend, or what is your intended relationship?

How do you end your friends relationship?

If you're a true friend; you wouldn't end the relationship. If you're talking about a friends relationship with the opposite sex and you know something that would otherwise harm your friend. Then, as a true friend, you would warn him/her about such issues.

How do you make a friend with benefits just a friend if he is your best friend?

Why would you want to change your relationship with him in the first place? If he is your best friend, you do NOT want to put that relationship in danger by just having him be a "friend with benefits" type of thing going on... What you could do is actually be boyfriend/girlfriend relationship which would still keep the friendship.