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How do you regain all trust in the work place?

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2006-09-14 05:40:29

You didn't mention what you did for people to mistrust you at

work so I'll just have to cover what is possible (don't take it

personally.) BACK-STABBING: If you gossip and cause harm to one or

more people in the workplace either by just being malicious or

trying to attain someone else's job the fact of earning your

coworkers trust back is nil! CHEATING WITH SOMEONE'S

HUSBAND/WIFE/GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND: This causes coworkers to take

sides and it usually isn't going to be the majority on your side!

When someone in the workplace knowingly cheats with someone else's

spouse that's a no-no as well. Even people in the workplace that

may have cheated on their spouses are puritans and you're up for

grabs. STEALING: If money was stolen (not accusing you here) then

again a trust issue is hard to earn back. Even if you replace the

money or object you stole (perhaps from a coworker) the dirty deed

is done. The best solution to the problem is to start looking for

another job on your spare time and starting fresh. It sounds like

you've learned your lesson, but unfortunately, it's difficult to

earn the trust back from those at the workplace. Start fresh and

get another job if at all possible.

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