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How do you register to Google Gmail?


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Go to the Gmail homepage, and click 'Create Account.'


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Google Search Gmail. Open the top link and register for gmail. That's it!

Gmail and Google account are the same thing. The account created for Gmail can be used for Google. It is because Gmail itself is a a part of Google.

Yes, Google does own Gmail rights to itself. Gmail was a product that was developed within the Google Premises. It was the Google developers which created the Gmail service.

There is no direct link from Gmail to Google. You can insert in the URL bar to go to Google. Gmail itself is a product of Google.

Gmail and Google Email are the exact same thing. Gmail is just short for "Google Email."

The full form of Gmail is Google Mail. It can be said as Google Mail because it is a part of Google.. Gmail was invented inside the Gmail premises.

Yes, Gmail stands for "Google Mail", a product of Google.

Google is the owner of Gmail. Larry Page is Google CEO.

No, Gmail is by Google, All Products by Google are 100% Safe.

You cannot get Gmail off the Google page. It is because Gmail is the product of Google. And Google shows most of it's product on the home page.

Gmail is Google Mail in gmail address.

I have a Gmail account and i did'nt have to pay for it. just create a account on google..because if you have google you have Gmail!!

Gmail account and Google account are one and the same thing. They all belong to google itself. You can log into any google product using these.

No. Google is a search engine and gmail is an email service.

Gmail stands for Google Mail.

There is no Gmail Toolbar, There is the Google Toolbar.

Well, Google own Gmail.

Gmail is an email made from Google that's why there is a g for Google in Gmail and not an "e" for just plain email. another way of saying it is Google Mail. "Gmail" but if you have no idea what it means, you can go with the other way!

Gmail can be shifted to any language.The languages in Gmail are the ones in which Google is available. It can be done in the Google Language Support.

No, Gmail is not a search engine. Google is the most famous search engine. Gmail is a product formed by Google itself.

Yes you can get an answers account with Gmail. You have to login via Gmail or Google Account. It asks you to create your Google+ profile as well.

No, because you can only have the google buzz on google accounts, which is gmail. Aol, and Yahoo, don't have it....which is why you should always have a gmail account.

G in gmail stands for = Google

Gmail stands for "Google Mail".

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