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How do you reinforce the roof structure of a convertible Civic?


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2011-09-13 06:11:31
2011-09-13 06:11:31

that's a good question im making my 92 civic hb a convertable. are yo totally choping the back side windows,roof, and back window out or just piting a sliding ragtop in? If you are just puting in a slider you should weld a single brace right across the center because hondas roofs roll bad in turns those roof gutters are flex point and it flexs even worse in hatch backs. But im going all the way and choping the whole top and welding a full roll cage in and runing braces off of the cage to the body. Also on eBay they had a red front support barce from japan that bolts to the fram to prevet frame roll in turns so get that and a front up strut mount brace, a rear upper strut brace, and a rear lower strut brace I recomend dc sports. GOOD LUCK I HOPE THAT HELPED SOME WHAT


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