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I imagine the bolts will still work; it's the wax ring that you have to worry about. They sell several different ones at the hardware store. Cheap ones for $2-3 and expensive ones for $7-8. The expensive ones are quite a bit thicker. Buy the most expensive thickest wax ring that they have. I'm not a plumber so I hope I am telling you right, but I always use the biggest most expensive wax ring that I can buy.

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Match quarter round stain to baseboard color or hardwood flooring?

I recommend using a quarter round that matches the baseboard

What is the trim moulding placed at the junction of the floor and wall called?

It can be called either baseboard or baseshoe depending on where you're from. If you're installing vinyl flooring the trim piece is called quarter round and it attaches to the bottom edge of cabinets where you wouldn't have a baseboard installed.

How to Install Engineered Flooring?

Engineered flooring is a layered composition flooring, meaning that the top, decorative layer is real hardwood and the subsequent layers are made of plywood or particle board. In short, engineered flooring provides the same look as real hardwood flooring without the associated cost and upkeep.To install engineered flooring, you will need a chop saw, table saw, a small hardwood flooring nailer and floor adhesive if installing the flooring over a concrete sub floor.1.) Measure the room you will be installing the engineered flooring in to calculate how much engineered flooring you will need. As a rule of thumb, purchase 10% more product than you originally anticipate to allow room for error.2.) If you are not working in a square room, you will want to install the flooring planks parallel to the longest wall.3.) Lay your first row of planks with the tongue side, or the side with the lip, facing toward you and away from the wall. The last piece of engineered flooring probably will not fit perfectly. Use your chop saw to cut it to size.4.) Lay your second row of planks with the groove side facing the tongue side of the previous row, interlocking the planks as you go. The last piece of engineered flooring probably will not fit perfectly. Use your chop saw to cut it to size.5.) Using your nailer, nail the tongue of each piece of flooring to your sub floor.**Note: if you are installing the engineered flooring over a concrete sub floor, you will want to glue the flooring to the floor rather than nail it.6.) Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until all planks have been laid, staggering the pieces as you go for a more aesthetically pleasing look (i.e., you don’t want all of your seams to line up).7.) After all the flooring has been laid, you may find that you need to cut some pieces of engineered flooring in half long ways to fit against the baseboard. Use your table saw to cut these pieces to size.As a rule of thumb, a good installation will have a quarter inch or less gap around the perimeter of the room for quarter round to be installed.

What is the foundation quarter horse?

The Foundation Quarter horse is a type of Quarter horse that is supposed to strongly resemble the original Quarter horse body type. The original Quarter horse was short , under 16 hands, and had a wide / low build to it.

Who came up with the quarter?

The quarter was first issued in the United States in 1932. The original designer was John Flanagan.

Why you take Half Lives in case of Radioactivity instead of quarter lives?

Tradition. By the way, the "quarter-life" (when 1/4 of the original substance is left) would be exactly two half-lives.Tradition. By the way, the "quarter-life" (when 1/4 of the original substance is left) would be exactly two half-lives.Tradition. By the way, the "quarter-life" (when 1/4 of the original substance is left) would be exactly two half-lives.Tradition. By the way, the "quarter-life" (when 1/4 of the original substance is left) would be exactly two half-lives.

Can ceramic tile be installed over quarter inch concrete backer board rather than half inch if the underlayment is a three quarter inch 7 layer flooring grade plywood?

Yes it can. That seems a very satisfactory way to do it.

What is the value of a 1952 Canadian quarter?

No more than the original face value.

What is the original tempo for fur Elise?

per quarter around 140 on the metronome

What is the value of a Wisconsin quarter with leaf pointing downward?

Twice its original value

What is thvalue of a 1970 quarter?

Face value except in original mint packaging.

One quarter of you is ten meters?

1 quarter is equal to one fourth of the original height. therfor, 10 meters is a fourth of 40 meters.

Why can quarter horses only run a quarter mile?

A quarter horse can run any length. They are best known for their ability to cover a quarter mile quickly. In organized quarter horse racing, the point is to maintain the original use of the quarter horse. In fact, many thoroughbred horses can run a quarter mile just as quickly, and are heavily used in quarter horse racing bloodlines.

What is the 1984 US quarter value?

Face value unless in original mint packaging.

1963 quarter proof?

Assuming it's in its original holder, as of 06/2008 retail is about $3.75

What is the Quarter Horse's original purpose?

colonist used them to work on there plantations but also raced them for fun

What is a triangle formed by the three mid segments of a triangle?

It is a triangle similar to the original but quarter the size.

How much of an original isotope remains at the end of a second half-life?

One quarter.

The edge of most finished wood flooring are?

The edges of the floor boards will come as close to the floor molding as possible. But there is always going to be a slight irregularity on the board cuts and no room is totally square. That is why you put quarter round over the flooring against the floor molding to hide the edges of the floor and create a clean look.

How much is a 1999 Georgia state quarter worth?

25 cents unless it is in original mint packaging.

How many days will it take an amount of tritium to fall to a quarter?

The half life of Tritium is 12.32 years. it would therefore take 24.64 years for the amount to fall to a quarter of the original.

If the distance to a star is doubled its apparent intensity would what?

It would quarter. If the distance to a star is doubled, its apparent intensity or brightness would be reduced to one quarter (1/4) that of its original intensity.

What part of an original isotopes to remains after two half-lifes?

25 % of the isotope remain.

How will a current change if the resistance of a circuit remain constant while the voltage across the circuit decreases to half its original value?

It will be half its original value I= V/R the power dissipated by the circuit will be reduced to a quarter of its original value.

Explain what percentage of the parent element will decay into the daughter element through the process of radioactive decay during each of the first 3 half lives?

During the first half life, half of the radioactive substance decays. During the second half life, half of what is left decays; since this is half of the original amount, a quarter of the original radioactive material decays away, and a quarter remains. During the third half life, half of what is left decays; since this is a quarter of the original amount, an eighth of the original radioactive material decays away, and an eighth remains.

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