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I am dealing with the same issue, the man I love and have been seriously dating for over 1 year tells me before a trip out of town that he doesnt see things changing, we decide together that it is worth it to find out and to try. He goes out of town and when he comes back he, first thing he says he's done. He said he loves me but isn't in love - and it would have happened by now if things were going to change.. * Im in shock - I cant say much.. so I left and now Im trying to get him to talk with me... I don't understand how he could treat me one way the week before and cold - distant when he comes back.. I feel sick almost because I know we have something there but its not up to me if we get back together, I just have to wait.. be his friend respect his space, and wait.

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Listen, love is two way street .If you really love that person tell them that you still have feelings for them.Sometimes all they wanted to here is you expressing your feelings for them. Me and my ex went though crazy things. But the thing I hated that he did was that he never told me or showed me he cared. All I wanted him to do is tell me loves me that's all I wanted him to do. I love my boo to death but if you don't tell me where we stand in our relationship I'm just gonna let it rock .I'm not gon be broken hearted just because you don't love me there are more fish in the sea its your lose for letting go of me when you had me.I'm just say things are'NT always sweet in a relationship. I'm not saying that after your first fight with your boo you should beak up with him/her. The really imortant thing in a relation is when you know where you stand and where your gonna go from there what you plan on doing in the furture.

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Q: How do you rekindle the love in your relationship?
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How is rekindle used in a sentence?

To rekindle something is to bring it back to life. An example sentence would be: They went on a date to rekindle their love.

What is a sentence using rekindle?

A nice, relaxing second honeymoon will rekindle the flames of our love, sweetie! Please rekindle the fire before the weather worsens.

Can you rekindle love in your relationship if its lost?

You can certainly try if you are both willing - going to couselling together if you are both willing may help things.

What is the Leona Lewis song 'Run' about?

It's about someone who is still in love with someone from a past relationship and they hope that they can rekindle their romance.

How does a woman know if a man wants to rekindle a relationship which he ended?

If he's hanging about, and always looking for reasons to be hanging about, then he probably wants to rekindle things.

What is used to rekindle the olympic torch?

what signific rekindle

If a married man had the same mistress for 5 mths does that mean he had a connection with her like being in love with her?

Not at all like being in-love with her, but there's an attachment. He's only infatuated for now. Eventually though he'll be bored and stop cheating or find another mistress. Time varies though depending on how much "spice" they have. I know it sounds sick, but it's true. This could range from weeks, months, to years. Think of exciting things to make him focus on you, and rekindle the fun that you guys can still have. Don't give them guilt trips, it only makes them feel obligated to stay with you and it weakens the relationship. Just rekindle-rekindle-rekindle, do something out of the ordinary. Good luck.

How do you rekindle an old flame?

You do so by showing the person how much of a change you are. People love change.

How do you use the word rekindle in a sentence?

i will rekindle the fire when we get up in the morning.

Is it too late to get back with an ex if it was a long distance relationship?

It is never too late to rekindle a relationship. If he/she means that much to you, always put in the effort to try and make it work.

What can you do to rekindle a relationship?

Things to do to rekindle your relationship: 1. Go out of your normal routine, try something different, spice things up a bit. 2. Either spend more time together, or spend some time apart (not spliting up), give it a day or two without contact, and see how much you really miss them.

Why does she still call me?

She may still carry feelings for you and is having a hard time with it as well as she may be hoping you will want to rekindle your relationship if possible.

How do you rekindle a 10 year marriage with a man who you know loves you but does nothing to make the relationship better?

If it hasn't gotten better after ten years..then disoccur.

What is the antonym of rekindle?

blow out

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend tells you he knew you would come around?

This means that he thinks that there is a chance that the two of you could get back together and rekindle your former relationship.

How can i rekindle my relationship?

If you want to rekindle an old relationship, you must ask yourself why did we break up in the first place? Unless you are willing to resolve the reason for your break-up, your next getting together will end up the same way. It's talk, talk and more talk. It would be wonderful to be able to say to an old love "let's get together and talk about what happened when we broke up?" If he/she agrees to meet you, insist on discussing how you can avoid another break-up. Read more about relationships and "Problem Solving" in Meyer's "Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters."

When a high mass star collapes why doesnt it rekindle?

Because all the material that could rekindle it has run out - there is none left.

Is love enough to keep a relationship going?

LOVE IS EVERY THING IN A RELATIONSHIP IF THE PERSON YOUR WITH DONT BELIVE IN LOVE THERE NOT GOOD FOR NOTHING AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WILL GO NO WERE. Answer If the love is great enough it can overcome many obstacles. Love IS EVERYTHING in a relationship because without it the relationship cannot flourish and be everlasting.

How do you say i would love to build a relationship with you?

I would love to build a relationship with you

How can you rekindle your psychic abilities?


What was and is Abigail's relationship to John Proctor in The Crucible?

We learn that prior to the beginning of the play, Proctor and Abigail had an affair. Proctor ended this relationship prior to setting of The Crucible. During the play, we can see that Abigail wants to rekindle the relationship, but Proctor will have none of it. His faith and conscience won't allow it.

Where is the Rekindle The Spirit in Canton Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Rekindle The Spirit is: Po Box 243, Canton, PA 17724-0243

What is the connection between love and relationship?

Yes, love can be a result of relationship.But relationship may not want love to come in between. You can make relationship for a reason, which you may not reveal.But love is independent.It doesn't abide by any rules snd regulation.

Is it possible for 2 high school sweethearts recently reunited still be in love after 22 years?

Although rare, yes it is possible. That person may have fallen in love with someone else and gotten married, but, if the wife has passed away or they are divorced then it's possible to bump into each other and rekindle a good relationship, but ONLY if both of you don't have mates.

When a man does not feel anything again for a woman how does he behave?

he needs to let that woman know that there isn't a spark there anymore, or maybe try to rekindle the love!