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Look inside the boot and lift the carpet right by the back panel, you should see a small round screw which the end of your jack "winding arm" will fit into.Loosen this screw and look under the car, the tyre should have dropped somewhat ,lift the tyre back up and release the catch, the rack should drop to the floor and allow the tyre to slid out..

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โˆ™ 2008-11-29 08:44:17
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Q: How do you release the spare wheel from underneath a Renault 19?
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How do you release the spare wheel from underneath a Renault Modus?

lossen the white plastc nut (anti cockwise) till it comes off then hit the nut hard (dont push forward as the manual tells you - this doesn't work)

How do you remove a spare tire of Toyota Wish?

How to remove spare wheel from underneath toyota wish

Is there a toolbox in a Renault Megane somewhere that has a locknut for tires?

in my megane it was in the spare wheel housing in the boot.

Where is the spare wheel located on a Citroen Xsara Picasso?

Look underneath the rear of the car.

Renault wheel jack where is it on kangoo van?

the wrench thing is under the bonet next to the front right head light, be carefull they are useless, the actual jack is in the spare wheel underneath the back of the van, u need to undo the clamp using the wrench to undo the bolt inside the back of the van floor.

How do you release spare wheel on peugot 307 when the release handle comes off?

The way that a person would release the spare wheel on a Peugeot 307 when the release handle comes off is not available. It is best to contact a dealer or a mechanic for further information.

How do you release the spare wheel on a Renault espace?

Depending on what year it is? There is a small nut located under a cover in the luggage area, this is part of a pulley type device which is on a wire, using the wrench from the tool kit, you turn the nut which then loosens the spare wheel and lowers it to the floor. There is a "t" bar type device which fits through the centre of the wheel which can be switched so that you can remove it. To raise the wheel back up just do the same but in reverse.

Is the Renault laguna front wheel drive?

Is a Renault Laguna a front wheel drive

Where is the spare wheel kept on a Renault grand scenic?

Ours does not have a spare (cos the extra 2 seats are under the boot cover) but a bottle of "gel" that should seal a small puncture for long enough to let you pump the tyre and get to a garage for a spare. JJ

How do you release the spare wheel on a Renault grand scenic?

lift the very back seat (the one which folds down in to the boot), in the carpet under the seat on the right is a small section cut away, lift the carpet, under here you might find a rubber grommit about 7cm wide, - remove, under here you will find a nut, this will drop the spare wheel down.

Where is spare wheel located on Kia Sorento?

Kia Sorento spare wheel?

How do you release spare tire on transit 85 t260?

Get tool from under drivers seat, Open rear doors, rear top section of the bumper theres a hole put tool in hole and lower rear wheel then go underneath rear of the van and simply unclick the holdall tool once spare wheel has lowered to ground level!

Where is spare wheel kept?

It varies from car to car. Like some SUV's have the spare tire on the rear hatch that you can see. Some other vehicles have the spare tire directly underneath the car attached to the under body. If you look under your vehicle and dont see a tire there, open your trunk and look underneath the trunk carpet and it should be there. Hope that helps!

Where is the air con fuse on a Renault megane 56 plate?

open the rear boot and pull out the spare wheel, then use a metal detector to search for the fuses as they get lost in there ,

Does a 2008 Citroen c4 grand Picasso2.0hdi come with a spare wheel?

the 2007 gp4 never did i bought a carrier kit and bolted one underneath

How do you lower spare wheel on transit pickup?

how do i lower the spare wheel on a ford transit truck

Is the spare tire on a 2006 dodge caravan full size?

Only if it is all wheel drive. The front wheel drive vans have the "donut" spare.

How do you release spare tire on clio?

it depends which clio on the mark 1 1991-1998 there is two bolts underneath to release the cradle on the newer clio's you lift the carpet in the boot and hit the black handle shaped plastic this releases the wheel then you pull the thing you just hit

Squeaking noise when turning steering wheel of Renault clio?

cos its a renault

Where is the spare wheel for 2012 Toyota Sienna?

If it's all-wheel drive the tires are run-flats. No spare. If it's front-wheel drive the spare is under the passenger side 2nd row.

Is there a spare tire in a 1981 Corvette?

located underneath the car in the rear. if you go to the very back of the car, & then look under it from behind the bumper, you should see a round shaped wheel cover. removing it will reveal the spare tire within it. if you see no cover or wheel, then someone has removed them & never replaced them.

Wheel jack on a citroen c2?

Inside the spare wheel.

How do you access fiat panda spare tire?

The (emergency) spare wheel is under the hood, over the motor, with the jack and wheel spanner.

How do you release citroen zara Picasso spare wheel?

Take out spanner from the right hand rear floor compartment. Unscrew the bolt attaching the wheel from the inside of the boot.

How do you secure the spare wheel in a Nissan Serena?

The spare wheel is secured with a cirular plate which has a bolt through it that secures the spare wheel from moving mine WA missing when i got mine i picked one up in a breakers hope this helps

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