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How do you remove a 2003 Jeep Wrangler center console?


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The previous answer was a bit of a dick answer. There are three screws. You have to pull out the front cup holder and remove that screw (might take some work as mine had some glue on the end of it). Then remove the rubber bottom of the back cup holder and remove those two screws (torx screws, so you have to have the right tool). After that, you can pull the console out.

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You can remove the center console by removing the retaining bolts. You will also need to remove the shifter knob.

underneath the center console. empty your center console and remove the plastic bin. the amp should be right underneath the bin.

I believe the Solara is the same as the Camry. You have to remove part of the center console to access the adjustment.

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on the bottom of the hinge pins there is a nut, you remove that and then lift the doors straight up!!

behind the center console, where you see the heater controls

under the center console way under it

It Is under the center console bucket.

The 2003 Honda Civic OBD 2 port is behind center console

Remove the slide-out ashtray in the center console. The radio code is written on the bottom of that tray in many of the early models of the MDX.

Any "same year" Ford Expedition seat will fit. I just replaced the center console with a 2004 Expedition seat.

There are 4 screws. You have to pull the cup holder all the way down, there are two 8mm bolds there. The other two are under a mat inside the console those are also 8mm bolts. I replaced mine with butterfly nuts to make it easy to remove.

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You must remove the ashtray that is in the center console, just forward of the gear shift/selector. The OBDII port is usually behind the ashtray in this area on Acuras.

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