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How do you remove a downloader Trojan virus in a svhost.exe system file?


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2006-12-09 11:27:03
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I don't know if there is a better solution but I think you have to reinstall windows

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I think that some more info is needed like what operating system you use, have you tried to do it from a bootscan, what virus detection system do you have before this can be answered.

Turn off system restore and run a virus scan in safe mode. Email me if you have more questions.

Downloads popup generator malware and propagates the infection to other dummy system files. This contains the wintrim downloader Trojan

Try downloading and installing NOD32 ( and perform a full system scan with NOD32 scanner (if the Trojan is already resident in memory, you might need to start Windows in Safe mode first).

Use the online scanner of TrendMicro to remove this trojan: And here you can find information on this trojan: Good luck, Jahewi :-)

I suspect that you have System Recovery turned on. You need to turn it off and then boot to safe mode to remove the virus (most of it). Check the Start/Help for how to do this.

AVG for windows seems to get rid of the downloader, but sometimes it comes back. i personally don't thonk you can get rid of them uless you are willing to do a full system restore. good luck!

Disable your system restore, then reboot your comp, then after it boots back up, enable your system restore again. That will get rid of all of those stored files and settings in the System Volume Info folder..

I want to say that i used systheal antivirus to scan my system. I think that the performance of that antivirus was good than Quick Heal and Avira Antivirus.

If you are using WinXP you'll need to disable the 'system restore' function then download and run AVG antivirus from You can buy 7.0 or download 6.0 for free. Hope this helps.

You'll need to buy a good anti-virus tool.AnswerWhat Is Trojan?A Trojan (or Trojan horse, Trojan virus) is a kind of malware which appears to perform a desirable function for the user but instead facilitates unauthorized access to the user's computer system. Trojan virus are designed to allow a hacker remote access to a target computer system. It is very dangerous for you that to have a Trojan installed on your system. Your PC will be attacked easier than before. Trojan provides others with approach to control your computer. Trojan virus not only slows down the computer performance but also collects your private information, deletes PC files maliciously, steals your passwords, modifies your system settings, and monitors your computer activity. If you don't remove Trojan hidden on your computer and keep running the risky system, your computer will get more and more unstable and someday the system would be crashed. How to remove Trojan easily?There are many a Trojan removal solutions available on the Internet. Any one of them may probably help you remove Trojan virus. However, we are now talking about which removal solution is the best and most effective one. Nobody wants to waste much time to remove Trojan virus. The most common way to remove Trojan virus is to delete the program which contains Trojan. And you have to find out the program with problem firstly. It is really a time consuming method for you to remove Trojan virus. Therefore, you need a Trojan removal tool to help you clean your computer.

To get rid of that Trojan file turn off System Restore and restart your computer then run another virus scan and it should come up clean. AV programs can't remove virus/virus infected files from System Restore. Don't forget to turn on System Restore again after you do the above. To disable Windows XP System Restore right click on My Computer, click on the System Restore tab and select Turn Off System Restore. Don't forget to turn it back on after doing the above.

You can remove it in safe mode. Just keep hitting F8 during bootup, then select safe mode. Once Windows loads, delete c:/do.exe. This is the quick and dirty way to stop this virus. Best to download and install AVG afterwards, and do a full system scan for remnants, but this will let you start the system at least.

To remove this Trojan you need to download an anti-virus software called AVG by "Grisoft" (Search on to find the website) It is FREE to download. Free updates and removes all trojans/virus's. I thoroughly recomend this. When you download it, update it (FREE) and run the complete test this will remove it and free your computer of this Trojan. If the virus is in the system volume information AVG will not pick it up. Follow the steps in this page and run AVG again. AVG should have picked up your virus this time. (You have the option in AVG to run a custom scan where you can set it to scan the system volume information only).

Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP). Update the virus definitions. Restart the computer in Safe mode or VGA mode. Run a full system scan and delete all the files detected as Downloader.Trojan. Edit the registry and look for references to the Trojan.

A system I have been working with that has AVG Anti Virus installed showed this Trojan as Quarantined. Perhaps this might help you?

If you use AVG antivirus you must Run the AVG Anti virys system. Select the test menu and custom test. The you select System volume information and start the scan. It removed my virus and a lot more. There are a lot more viruses in there than you might think.

Try scanning your system using AVG antivirus. Or else try a system restore.

right click my computer, properties, system restore, uncheck system restore this will solve it

Use Virus scaner. Like antivir_workstation_win7u_en_h.exe, it's work.

Run the free antivirus utility, AVG Anti-Virus System - Free Edition. Available at

My system was effected with the Trojan horse virus and my files in the system got corrupted. I tried innumerable times to delete it but failed and I have installed avg anti-virus scanned all the files but after 1 hour it appeared same. I tried in all ways but couldn't clear the virus from my at last I have taken my system to here and now there is no virus in my system its working perfect and my files got I would like to suggest you to visit this place in case if you have major problem with your PC.

You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer. 1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) 2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot 4 Run Superantispyware 5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection i simply run avg virus scan.this removed the Trojan,however,the xp system restore is still remove this simply turn system restore off in system restore properties.this removes your system restore points but also deletes to Trojan !!

I'm using Windows 98se. This is the way I remove the Turown.A Trojan horse Go to Start,Find,Files and folders, open, Type setup_TD.exe make sure you are searching on C: or whatever letter your hard drive is. Click on that file(setup_TD.exe and delete. Run you anti-virus and it will heal the infected files.Run again and it will say hopefull no virus found. Good Luck /this worked for me.

Uninstall Kaaza, if you are running, then go into Systems, turn off System Restore. that should delete all of your restore points. next run AVG or anyother virus scaner program, then run Ad-Aware or Spybot remover. Turn back on your System Restore and reboot your PC. This should fix your problem.

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