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remove the brake caliper, then the axle pin, after the bearings fall out the rotor should come right off. if you catch them in a piece of newspaper, it will save you from wondering if you got all the dirt out when you reassemble them . also be sure not to over tighten them.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-27 15:01:12
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Q: How do you remove a front rotor on a 1994 four wheel drive Ford Ranger?
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How do you remove front rotor from a 2010 4X4 ford ranger?

You remove the tire and wheel, then the brake caliper, followed by the caliper holding frame. Now the rotor will be free.

How do you remove the front rotor on a 1993 F 150 4X4?

How do you remove a front rotor on a 1993 F 150 4X4

How do you remove front rotor on 2006 sprinter?

how to change rotor front disc on 2006 sprinter

How do you remove brake rotors from 2004 Chevy silverado 5.3 4 wheel drive?

Front or rear, remove wheel, remove caliper, remove caliper bracket, remove rotor.

How do you remove the front rotor?

what year ? is it 4WD ?

How to remove front rotor 1996 crown Victoria?

Remove the wheel, remove the caliper, and the rotor will just come off.

How do you remove the front rotor on 1999 RX300?

Remove wheel. Remove brake caliper. Remove brake caliper mount. You can now remove the rotor.

How do you remove rotor from 2004 ford f-250 four wheel drive?

front or rear rotor? jack up wheel that needs rotor removed. remove wheel remove brake pads and caliper for back axle, remove axle nut. u will need special socket to remove this nut slide rotor off axle, making sure u dont drop bearings on the ground to remove front rotor on4x4, it is pretty much the same as rear , except you will have to remove locking hub from axle before you can remove axle nut.

How do you sepArate the front brake rotor from the hub on a 1989 Toyota FOUR WHEEL DRIVE pickup?

Toyota rotor removalonce you remove hub assembly and bearings, inside the rotor the hub should be bolted to the rotor, six bolts. then separate hub/rotor.

How do you take the rotors off the front of a 4WD 1998 Ford Ranger?

First loosen lug nuts while vehicle on ground (dont remove all the way). lift front of vehicle remove lugnuts remove caliper mounting bracket 2 bolts, require 15mm socket remove caliper bracket from rotor rotor is ready for removal

How do you remove front rotors on a1999 ford crown Victoria?

Remove the front wheel then remove the 2 caliper bracket bolts behind the rotor and the rotor should slide off.

How do you remove the front rotor from 2004 Sunfire?

pull the wheel off, remove the two caliper bolts, remove the caliper and the rotor can be removed

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