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Diesel 406 gear box removal is best done with the use of an inspection pit and is as follows: * Strip all obstructions from above the engine, battery, air box, air pipes, starter motor ect. * strip obstructions from underneath * Drain gear box oil- this is a bit smelly and should be about 2ltrs but some models will be 3.5ltrs * raise the front wheels off the ground and support on axle stands * support the gear box and engine sump separately - a bottle jack is ideal * undo the gear box mount from under the battery area * disconnect the drive shaft from the near side * disconnect the speed sensor * disconnect the clutch cable and remove lever * undo the gear box / clutch casing bolts (there is no gasket on refitting) * slide off the gear box and casing Whilst the gear box is off is an ideal time to check clutch wear. Many 406 gear box / clutch housings do not have an inspection window, so great care needs to be taken when refitting a gear box to ensure the clutch is evenly connected. For doing this at home / DIY allow a full day for removal and refitting. Ensure the ignition key is not in the car when the battery is refitted, some systems will activate the central locking, and finally ensure you have the stereo code to hand once all work is complete. The detail above is based on work I carried out in the last few weeks, a Haynes Manual will give a full description of the procedure with pictures.

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2009-01-08 20:49:29
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Q: How do you remove a gearbox on a Peugeot 406?
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