How do you remove a hub bearing assembly on a 1999 Chevy Blazer S-10?

there are three bolts on the back of it that hold it onto the spindle. you have to take the brake caliper off. and also push the halfshaft through the hub, it may be easier if you unbold one of the balljionts, this will give you more room to work and should make it easier to get the halfshaft through the hub.

There is no need to disconnect the balljoint. And it requires minimal tools. The brake caliper assembley is held on with 18 mm bolts, and the bearing / hub assembly is held on with 18 mm bolts as well. The torque value for the bearing bolts is 77 ft. lbs. Make sure you clean the splines up on the axelshaft while you have it apart, and also apply a SMALL amout of grease to the axle shaft to ease installation.

      • Don't forget about the ABS speed sensor wire. follow it along the upper control arm and forward on the frame. Its easy to get at the connector. ***