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How do you remove a radio from 1998 tracer?

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2007-12-11 16:48:39

To remove the radio, you will need a special tool to go into the

two holes on the left and right side of the radio panel. The tool

could probably be made from a metal coat hanger, by cutting about a

6 inch piece and bending into a U shape. When you insert this tool

it just releases the panel and allows you to pull it out.

Unfortunately you cannot change out the radio if you have the

standard AM/FM radio that came with my 98 Tracer. I had to order a

kit from somewhere like This entire process is a

pain in the butt because the A/C controls are on this same panel.

So be prepared to remove LOTS of wires. The kit you buy will come

with instructions on what you need to disconnect, and it will have

a hole in it so you can replace the radio with any standard in-dash

radio you can find anywhere (Best Buy, Circuit City, Crutchfield,

etc.). It took me a while to get mine done and I would NEVER

attempt to do it again, but it was totally worth getting a CD

player in my car. Good luck!

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