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i have a 2003 liberty limited 4X4 and there is a compartment down beside the lighter and in the back of that hole there is (1) Phillips screw that you need to remove. After removing i used a small flat head screwdriver with a piece of paper to keep from damaging the plastic and slowly worked my way around the piece of plastic holding the A/C components and it just popped off. Then there is (4) Phillips screws holding the radio in the dash. That's it. One of the simplest dashes to take the radio out of.

For Reference purposes, the screw size is #2 Philips. You can avoid damaging the plastics by using a nylon prying tool (check your auto parts retailers detailing isle). Make sure not to over torque the screws when you put them back in. The first screw is behind the ash tray.

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Q: How do you remove a stereo from a 2002 Jeep Liberty?
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