How do you remove a stopper from your bathtub if it's the kind that you turn and it goes up or down?

Turn the stopper until it closes. Then use a pair of pliers and turn the stopper top counter-clockwise. This should unscrew the stopper.


Also if the stopper is up you can use a small Phillips driver to loosen the small set screw underneath.

More Detailed Answer

You can always try drain cleaner, but some times it won't work. I have seen pens, earrings, rings, all sorts of stuff in drain that generally is the start of the obstruction. I usually opt to remove the stopper first, see if it can be cleaned manually, then resort to drain cleaner, then finally call an expert and get charged several hundred dollars.

But the new push stoppers can be so much fun. Kind of embarrassing because it usually takes five minutes or less to remove these things once you know how, but getting to that point will take an hour or so of digging, phone calls, or a trip to the hardware store.

There are at least four different types of push stoppers that I have heard of. All can be removed from the tub side.

1. Type 1: One type is the first answer above.

2. Type 2: Second answer above. If you put your head down in the tub and pull the stopper up, rotate the whole thing, you may come across a small set screw underneath the stopper on the center post that you unscrew a little ways and the assembly will lift up.

3. Type 3: Phillips screw is in the center of the spindle.

3a. The stopper can be two pieces. Remove the knob at the top of the stopper. Usually hold down the base and just turn the knob.

3b. This will reveal a copper spindle or center with a hole in the middle.

3c. On some of those middle pieces, there is a Phillips screw in the center, and you will put a small Phillips head screwdriver in, remove the set screw being careful not to drop it when you remove it. If there is no screw in the middle (Phillips screwdriver just goes all the way through) may have type 4 below.

4. Type 4: Kind of a combination.

4a. Remove the knob as discussed in 3 above.

4b. The center spindle will be round but have a flat side. Use a crescent wrench and make sure one part of the wrench is firm against that side, then turn the copper spindle counter clockwise and it should unscrew. Then you can lift the whole assembly out.