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There is a retaining ring just on the inside of the handle. Once you get that off the crank will come off.

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Q: How do you remove a window crank on A Geo storm?
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How do you replace the window crank handle on a 93 Geo Prism?

To replace the window crank handle on the 1993 Geo Prism, first remove the interior door panel. Then, access the screw that holds the window crank in place and remove it. You can then remove the handle itself.

How do you remove the window crank from a 1997 Geo Metro?

Got to

Have a 1993 geo storm doch 1.6 motor have a front seal leak but you can't get the crank pulley to budge to remove it what are you doing wrong?

Removing the crank pulley requires an impact wrench

How do you get the window crank off of a 1996 Geo Metro?

there are 3 rivets, they have to be drilled out then there are special rivets you have to put back in.

How do I replace drivers side window in 96 Geo Metro?

Remove the inside door panel. Remove the window retaining clips. The window will slide out. Reverse the process to install the new window.

Where can you find an alternator belt diagram for a 1993 Geo Storm?

the belt only goes around the crank pulley and alternator pulley

92 geo storm engine cranks no spark?

Check the ignition circuit in the Storm. Start by checking the crank position sensor, then the coil pack to find the lack of spark.

How do you change the fuel pump in a 1992 Geo Storm?

Remove the fuel tank then the gauge and pump.

HOW TO Remove window crank arm on a 1994 Geo Metro?

Most are held on with a c shaped clip. Push in on the door panel & look under the base. Pushing on the ends simultaneously will cause it to go flying.

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1992 Geo Storm GSI?

To replace a thermostat on a 1992 Geo Storm first locate the its housing. Once found drain the coolant system and remove the housing from the engine. Replace the thermostat.

How do you check the thermostat on 1991 Geo Storm?

Remove it an drop it into a pan of boiling water to see if it opens

How to remove front rotors on 93 geo storm?

Jack up car, remove wheel, remove brake caliber. the rotor will pull right off

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