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To replace a thermostat on a 1992 Geo Storm first locate the its housing. Once found drain the coolant system and remove the housing from the engine. Replace the thermostat.

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Q: How do you replace the thermostat on a 1992 Geo Storm GSI?
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How do you replace a 1992 Geo Storm 2 2 Idle Air control valve?

You might have to replace the throttle body. If you have a 1.6L Engine, you can use one from the 1.8L or GSi Model.

How much transmission fluid in 5 speed 1992 Geo storm GSI?

4 pints

What is the fuel injector resistance spec on a 1991 geo storm gsi?

12.7 storm and 1.2 gsi

What does GSi stand for on the Geo Storm GSi?

Im not 100% positive, but if I remember correctly its "Grande Sport Injection"

What size motor does a 1993 geo storm have?

depends if its a base or gsi the base would have a 1.6 sohc and the gsi would have a 1.8dohc older gsi's have the 1.6 dohc

What are the 3 types of storm?

I believe the 3 types of storm are: 2+2, GSI, and hatchback.

What is the fuel injector resistance spec on a 1991 GEO Storm?

12.7 storm and 1.2 gsi

Where is the fuel pump in a 92 GO storm GSI?

In fuel tank

What is the easiest way to replace a head gasket on a 1991 GSI Storm?

There is only one way to replace the 1991 Storm head gasket. anything in the way of getting to the head has to be removed (intake, hoses, etc..) Then the valve cover and head will have to be removed to change the gasket.

Where is the thermostat for an opel corsa 1.6 gsi?

The thermostat housing is on the cylinder head,at the pulley end. Curley hose from top of radiator connects to it.

Where is the reverse light switch on a 1992 geo storm gsi?

For an automatic transmission, check the side of the transmission by or at where the shifter linkage goes into the trans. For a manual transmission, check under the shifter boot.

Is the 1990 geo storm gsi a 4 cylinder?

All Geo Storms are 4 cylinder

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