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Type of car would help. Some regulators bolt in, some are held in with rivots that must be drilled out. You should be able to take the regulator loose and then remove it from the window track. GM's at some point went to rivots, can't speak about others. There should be enough room in the door to slide the regulator back and forth and get the 2 guides out of the track on the bottom of the window.

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How do I replace a window regulator for a 94 Toyota Camry?

Remove the door panel. Use a coat hanger or ty rap to secure the window in the up position. Disconnect the wiring from the motor. Remove the bolts that secure the glass to the regulator. Remove the regulator. Install motor on new regulator. Installation is the reverse procedure. 6 to 8 bolts in entire process. Good Luck. CAH

How do you change the regulator of a valeo alternator?

The regulator can be found on the top of the alternator. Remove the wiring harness from the regulator. Remove the retaining screws from the regulator. Reverse the process to install the new regulator.

How do you remove driver side window and regulator 1997 crown Victoria?

To remove the drivers side window and regulator, you will need to remove the door panel from the door. Then you can unbolt the regulator and window to remove them.

How do you change fuel regulator?

Remove the fuel regulator retaining screws. Remove the fuel regulator wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new fuel regulator.

How do you Replace a window regulator on a 2005 town and country?

You would need to remove the door panel, and tape the window into the up position so that you can remove the regulator from the window. I've included a link to an auto repair video that we have to show you how to fix this on your vehicle.

How do you change window regulator 2005 dodge stratus?

To remove the window regulator in your 2005 Dodge Stratus, you would need to remove the door panel, and then the water shield behind the door panel. Tape the window into the up position with tape, and then you can access all of the nuts and bolts to remove the window regulator. I have included a link below to an instuctional video that will show you how to do this on a 01-06 Dodge Stratus.

How do you replace window motor 1996 Chevy Astro?

1. Remove the power window regulator2. Install a pan head sheet metal tapping screw through the sector gear and the backing plate at the hole provided to lock the sector gear into position. Then drill out the motor to regulator attaching rivets.3. Remove the motor from the regulator.To install:1. Lubricate the motor drive gear and the regulator sector teeth. Install the motor to the regulator and check the mesh of the motor to the regulator.2. Install rivets to the motor and the regulator.3. Remove the sheet metal tapping screw.4. Install the power window regulator.

How do you replace the electric window regulator in a 1999 Camry?

The panel where the regulator is detachable. You will be able to remove it very easily. When you remove the panel you will see the way how the regulator can be replaced.

How do you remove and refit drivers side electric window regulator on a 96 polo?

Begin by removing the inside door panel. Remove the wiring harness from the electric window regulator. Remove the window regulator retaining screws.

How do you remove and replace Window motor regulator on a 2000 intrigue?

remove your door panel there will be three screws holding it on. then you have to remove the screws holding your window to the regulator. then unbolt regulator and motor from door. Undo wiring going to motor.

How do i change the right rear window motor on a 2002 deville?

It is best to replace entire regulator as one unit. Remove door panel. Remove bottom nut of regulator, and remove two top nuts of regulator. Loosen two bolts on bracket holding window. Support window, and carefully remove regulator as one unit.

How does one remove and replace the window regulator in 51 Chevy truck?

Remove door panel, remove glass, take out old regulator ( if you need to remove rivets by cutting or punching them out you may use nuts and bolts to install new regulator), install new regulator and glass, ensure proper function, re-install door panel.

How do you change a window regulator in discovery?

Here's the set of steps: 1. Remove door trim casing. 2. Carefully release water shedder from door. 3. Lower glass and remove 2 bolts securing door glass to regulator. PERHAPS THESE BOLTS ARE LOOSE OR MISSING? 4. Raise glass and secure with a suitable wedge. 5. Disconnect multiplug from glass lift motor. 6. Front door: Remove 6 bolts securing glass regulator assembly to door. 7. Rear door: Remove 4 bolts securing glass regulator assembly to door. 8. Manoeuvre regulator through access hole at bottom of the door. 9. Remove 3 Torx screws securing glass lift motor to regulator and remove motor. Refit 1. Clean mating faces of regulator and motor. 2. Fit glass lift motor to regulator and tighten 3 Torx screws to 5 Nm (3.7 lbf.ft). 3. Position regulator in door. Fit bolts securing regulator to door and tighten to 6 Nm (4.4lbf.ft). 4. Connect multiplug to glass lift motor. 5. Remove wedge holding glass and position glass to regulator. 6. Secure glass to regulator with bolts and tighten to 6 Nm (4.4 lbf.ft). 7. Fit water shedder to door. 8. Fit door trim casing."

How do you fix a window winder for a 94 Hyundai excel?

I do believe that 91 and 94 are the same procedure. have to remove the door handle and the window handle. there is a clip that holds the window handle. There are three screws that hold the unit (window regulator)in place. You will have to get the window up and out of the carrier and, pull the unit out. put the new unit in and,place the window in the carrier but, make sure the window is at the full closed position (that is where you need another set of hands) then, you tighten up the screw in the unit. The window is seated at the full closed position therefore when you tighten the unit up is wont twist. when I got someone else to replace the window regulator they had that window in the down position and the new regulator lasted about 2 weeks and then broke again... thanks mr mechanic....grin

How do you remove 91 Nissan maxiam front right window regulator?

1 open door 2 remove inner panel 3 lower window 4 take out window 5 remove (4) screws from regulator 6 take regulator of rails

How do you replace 1995 Toyota Celica power window regulator?

remove back seat, remove screws bottom and top of panel, remove panel. remove 3 bolts and motor arm, window and regulator will pull out.

How do you replace achieva power window motor?

Remove the window regulator assembly from the door.Remove the motor from the regulator by drilling out the attaching rivets with a 3/16 in. drill bit.Connect the window motor to the regulator with 3/16 in. rivets.Install the window regulator assembly.

How do you install a window regulator in a 1997 Chevrolet Malibu?

Disconnect the battery.Remove the door panelRemove the power window motorRemove the regulator spring.Move the window down a bit and remove the two 10MM nuts from the window.Twist the window spring stud counter-clockwise.Now you should be able to remove the window regulator.

If removeing window motor on firebird do you have to remove window and regulator?

Depending on the year, 92 through 97. Yes! The motor is riveted to the regulator. You must remove as a unit, drill a hole in regulator arm and insert a bolt and nut to keep from springing back. Then drill out rivets to motor replace motor with bolts and remove bolt in regulator arm.

How do you replace a window regulator for a 2005 dodge ram pickup?

First you need to remove the door panel.Then remove the door handle bracket.Peel back the moisture shield.Tape the window into place,then unbolt the window from the regulator.Remove the window regulator from the access hole in the door.

Remove voltage regulator on a 68 camaro?

Unplug it, remove the two screws and take it out.

Replace fuel pressure regulator 2001 Pontiac grand prix se?

First depressurize fuel system remove vacuum line going into the top of regulator loosen fuel line nut going into bottom of regulator remove screw attaching regulator to fuel rail gently tug regulator outboard then up do opposite for installation

How can you replace the window regulator on a 1999 Lincoln Town car's side door window?

You must remove the door panel (careful there are hidden screws near the arm rest). Then you must pull or push the window all the way up, and secure it with duct tape in the up position. Then remove the clamps secured to the botton of window. Then remove all the bolts holding window regulator assembly to door framing. Then you must carefully rotate the assmebly until it is in position of largest opening in door frame and remove. Then to place new regulator assembly in door framing the opposite of how you removed the old one. Make sure to loosen the clamps prior to placing the regulator assembly into the door (it might be wise to place something into the clamps to keep them open).

How do you repair power window on catera?

First, remove the switch panel by prying it out and disconnecting the electrical?æconnectors. Pry away the trim panel so that you can get to the mechanical workings of the window. Remove the fasteners that hold the regulator to the door and then remove the regulator. Install the new regulator and put the door back together.

Can you use a air compressor to fill oxygen with its regulator?

NO ... this is dangerous, take your tank to a professional depot that does this , but remove the regulator first.